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How to Brainstorm Great App Ideas for 2017

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In 2008, leading mobile operating systems offered mobile apps for the first time. These were available over app distribution platforms called app stores like Google Play, Apple Store or Windows phone store. There were both paid apps as well as free apps.

Mobile apps were software programs, designed with the purpose of information retrieval and general productivity, through mobile phones. The next few years saw a rapid explosion in the availability of both mobile phones and app developer’s tools, which raised public demands for more innovative apps.

A brief understanding of the industry

By 2012, the app industry became one of the most lucrative businesses as more and more mobile users were using mobile apps. This contributed to the explosion of new apps in different categories, on a daily basis. Today the biggest challenge for both users and app developers is app ideas and discovery.

In this water-tight competitive market, it’s hard to say which app idea will be a total boom and which a runaway success. It is true that many of the popular app ideas are basically a shot in the dark but a basic understanding of the market and the needs of customers is a good starting point for generating effective app ideas.

Every day, around a thousand mobile apps are released, and needless to say, not all are a success. Understanding the interest of people is a great way to develop a straight line of thought. You may have a unique idea, but what good is it if your audience doesn’t need it ?

Mobile apps are available in app stores under different categories. A look at the number of downloads for each category will give you an idea of the interest and need of most app users. Users frequently uninstall those apps also. There are many – This app offers detailed information about branded and generic drugs. It also gives the generic name for branded drugs.

  • TapQuiz Maps World Edition It is a fun and engaging game that allows users to master geography.

  • Innovative Apps

    An out of the box idea that offers the solution to commonly faced problems can be an apt app idea. In the present app market, the key to stand out is innovation. Such smart ideas make fantastic utility apps.

    If you can brainstorm a unique solution for a commonly faced problem, develop a mobile app for it and market it well, there are high chances of making it a top-grosser.

    Check these innovative apps and think on these lines.

    • Airbnb This app offers a platform for the travelers who need a place to stay and a house owner who is ready to offer their home for rent. With over two million listings in over 34000 cities around the world, it solves half the problems of a traveler and the tourism industry.

    • Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free It is a very popular education app that allows users to learn different languages through fun games.

    • Stress Relief – Coloring for Adults Stress is seen to be the source of many health disorders. Research show that coloring has therapeutic benefits for adults. This app is a fun way to calm oneself and reduce stress.

    • Photomath – Camera Calculator For math haters, this education app can be a real lifesaver. It is a smart camera calculator app that can calculate any math problem pointed towards its camera.

    • Cop Radar – Speed Detector This app is the most practical way of checking your speed limit and avoid further consequences.

    • Uber An app that offers cab service at your doorstep! Experience the best of low-cost to premium transport service in your city with just a few click clicks through your mobile.

    • Store Finder: Local Business Search by Vintelli – This app makes life easier for the user. Be it finding restaurants, to plumbing services, to cinema halls to gyms, this app finds the service near you.

    Final Words

    If you are gearing up to develop a top-grade app, try to develop an app that acts as a solution to commonly faced problems. This is a great way of striking a chord with the target audience. Research well, and develop apps that offer effective solution or information in an innovative way.

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