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Help Please! Pick A Picture For Me

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Wow, so I’m now the Managing Editor of TweakYourBiz.com I’m really proud to be doing this job and Niall Devitt has left such big footsteps to follow so I’m treading carefully. To befit my new job I need a new avatar so I’m asking for your help with this to choose one from the three below.

A Bit About Me….

I thought you may like to know a bit more about me and what I do to help you choose a picture for me.

Three years ago I was blown away when Niall asked me if I’d like to write for Bloggertone (now TweakYourBiz.com). I had only just started blogging then but in the three years since I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and confidence in my writing. I have also found a new interest in interviewing business people and finding out more about them.

The community here is so generous it is great to be a part of and I look forward to it growing as more writers want to join us. And the doors it has opened for me have been amazing.

After a couple of bad investments and collaborations I did feel at rock bottom a few years ago but being involved with the TweakYourBiz.com community and what it has led to pulled me out of those bad times and I’m thriving now.

What TweakYourBiz.com has done for me

Apart from my Accountancy work my involvement just writing for TweakYourBiz.com over the years has led to me doing lots of other great jobs that I love. Being a Moderator for our sister site Bizsugar.com has proved excellent for my networking across continents; as it is these days with the simplicity online. I have to thank Niall and the amazing Anita Campbell for this opportunity.

I interviewed the dynamic Nellie Akalp of Corpnet for TweakYourBiz.com which led to me writing posts for Corpnet, all the way away in Los Angeles – it’s a small world these days. I also write for MyKidsTime because of my connections here and that is so new to me too and I’m learning from the wonderful Jill Holtz every day.

But the biggie for me is that through the TYB network I’m now involved with The Ahain Group which I believe will soon be the “go to” place for all types of businesses and organisations needing to learn and establish Social Business. The Ahain Group is a prolific collection of professionals that collaborating together are working wonders.

Join TweakYourBiz

If you would like to write for TweakYourBiz.com then please get in touch. We welcome anyone who can contribute original content regularly. Use this link to find out more about writing for TweakYourBiz.com. There are lots of reasons why it’s good to write with us as all the contributors let me know recently.

Please Choose My Picture Now

So enough about me, here is my big problem that I need your help with. I hate having my photograph taken so have put off changing my current avatar for many years. I use the same one across all my online sites for congruence. So I finally bit the bullet and had a photo shoot here in my homestead.

I chose a local photographer – Karen Dempsey Photography – and have to say she has done an amazing job with me. Karen put me at ease from the beginning and gave me some good tips – “smile and tilt your head” – being the main one. 🙂 I’d highly recommend her because she worked wonders with me.

This is where I am looking for your help. Above are 3 photos of me and I would like you all to vote on them in the comments section below to choose which I will use for my avatar across everything – TweakYourBiz.com, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all else.

After one week whichever is the preferred picture will become my avatar across all my Social Media sites for the foreseeable future. So please get voting now in the comments below.

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