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Five Places Where Your Business Cards Should Go

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Now that you have your business cards with you—all neatly laid out and beautifully printed—what will you do next?

Your business cards hold the identity of your business, which are yet to be handed to your potential clients. But presentation is not only confined to the physical appearance of your business cards. In fact, it refers to a total package of creativity in appearance, as well as in marketing.

So then this time, you need to move on from your strategies in making your business cards eye-catching to newer strategies of creatively handing them out. To prepare you for the drill, here are five places where your business cards should go after coming out of the printer:

# 1. Your Staff

If you own a business, it is important to let your staff carry your business cards around. The key to good marketing is establishing wide networks. Instead of hiring a lot of people to advertise for you, optimize the potential of your employees to bring in the customers.

# 2. A Sturdy Holder

Whether you had a great discount on business card printing or it is originally a cheap deal, it still cost you something. Don’t put your money to waste. Remember that neatness is a criterion for good presentation. Using a holder not just protects your business card from folding, but also makes you look more professional.

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# 3. Your Products

When your business involves delivering products, it is also a good strategy to attach your business cards in the products you send. Use your customers as your marketing tools. They can either refer you to their peers or keep your business cards for future reference. This way, you are assuring your customers that they are special to you, and that you would want to build a lasting connection with them.

# 4. In Your Wallet, Bags, or Pockets

You’ll never know what can happen next. Maybe your next potential client can be the person in front of you in the queue for coffee, or the one sitting beside you in a hospital’s waiting area, or one of your fellow regular joggers at the park. So to make bringing your business cards a regular habit, add them to your checklist of things you should bring (e.g. keys, wallet) before you leave the house.

# 5. Bulletin Boards

Despite the popularity of social media, do not underestimate the power of bulletin boards. Majority of people still look at bulletin boards, because they know these still hold significant information. Be strategic though in choosing which bulletin boards you should use.

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Remember, your goal in making your business cards is to stand out. This goal is still in line with properly and successfully marketing your business cards. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. So, for an effective marketing strategy, make your business cards stand out then send them out to all the right places.

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