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Five Little Tweaks to Take Your Ecommerce Business a Big Leap Forward

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Ecommerce business is growing at a crazy pace these days and is one of the most sought-after businesses. But I don’t have to tell you that. You are already competing against giants like the Amazons and the eBays and you have been in the game for years. You probably already know that these ecommerce heavyweights spend big bucks (I mean really big bucks) on paid searches and they can afford to do so.

Even though you’ve been doing well in the market, you may always find yourself wanting a little bit more. Or you may be feeling that your ecommerce business is not performing up to its potential. Or you simply want to take it to the next level.

Sometimes, competing against big brands can make you feel as though you are fighting the David-Goliath battle and that might have hindered your hunger to grow.

But it shouldn’t be so. Here I am to help you make small tweaks to your ecommerce business that will really, really make a big difference.

#1. Embrace a comprehensive ‘chat option’  

If you have not done this until now, read on. If you’ve been enjoying a decent traffic on your ecommerce site and need an ROI that you can assess quickly, consider introducing a ‘Live Chat’ app to your site. It is obvious that a live chat app provides operational benefits as your staff members can be more consistent and efficient with their replies and responses. There is nothing like having a live chat app from a communication perspective.

As a committed ecommerce business owner, the smartest thing you can do is set up a live chat app that helps in multiple ways, be it enquiries, returns, deliveries, upgrades, upselling, cross-selling or whatever.

#2. Tighten the Security as it helps SERPs too

It is obvious that any platform that requires people to share their personal information and payment information must be secure. But security is an institution and you can always learn to be more secure.

Look at it as two different parts of the equation. Firstly, it is necessary to protect your site and the data from being compromised. Also, using a website security badge offers conversion benefits.

Are you still under the impression that HTTPS is only for the payment page? No, that’s old style and may not be enough these days. Security plays a huge part in Google ranking. So consider switching your whole ecommerce site to HTTPS as soon as you can (of course, if you haven’t already).

#3. Have a second look at your images and descriptions as they make or break your conversions

Images are the most enticing contents in your product page

If you were successful in getting your customers to visit the product page, you have won half the battle. But remember, your customer could still decide to choose your competitor’s site simply because it featured better quality images and descriptions. What a shame if that happens!

With Pinterest getting closer and closer to ecommerce sites, product images are extremely important for conversions. Different factors like the size, resolution, background and shadows of the image matter. So never leave it to chance, make your images speak for themselves.

The art of writing alone can sell your stuff

After making your images tip-top, it’s time to focus on product descriptions. Remember, a well-prepared product description can make a big impression. Your product description must have everything including the features and installation guides (if required) and a guide to other products in the same category. Wondering how that works? Here’s an example.

The solvitnow website does this in style for selling its sump pumps and is a classic example of how to write a buying guide, installation guide and also feature the different products available. That said, there is no limit to how creative you can go and how better you can write. So there is absolutely no need to copy the manufacturer’s style or words. Firstly, you will be duplicating the content, further, you can always do a better job. So why borrow someone else’s creativity?

Personalizing and customizing your content helps big time. So study your customer, try and speak their language and cut down the jargons. Talk more about the benefits of the products and less about the features, so your readers can relate the benefits with their daily lives.

#4. Using Videos Effectively

A product explainer video is something everyone has these days. Your customers will know that these videos are being used as a technique to generate traffic. However, there are many hidden advantages. Videos can act like a conversation goldmine as it can offer conversion growth rates of up to 80%.

The benefits of using videos don’t stop there. Interesting and effective videos can increase the time spent on a page and reduce ‘page returns’. Videos are great to complement the other contents in your website like the ‘How to Guides’ and the ‘Buyer’s Guide’.

#5. Bet on Transactional Emails

If you think that ‘transactional emails’ (like reminders, invoices and welcome emails) are inferior to the sexier marketing ones, you are probably wrong. The reason is simple and straightforward. Transactional emails are known to enjoy better open rates and generate superior revenues.  

So, don’t continue to ignore welcome emails or invitations or password reminders. Rather, think of the entire process and the different ways to enhance your transactional emails.

It is needless to say that your website needs to be mobile-friendly and responsive. But did you ever consider making your transactional email responsive as well? If your customer is purchasing using his smartphone, he will be waiting to read those transactional emails you have sent on his smartphone. Hence, make sure your transactional emails are responsive and mobile-friendly too.

Final Words

There are loads of small and big tweaks you can make to your ecommerce platform for continual improvements and cumulative effects. While some changes like ‘building a responsive site’ may take time, others like ‘creating a live chat’ can be done instantly.

Which of these tweaks will you start with? If you have already implemented any of these tips and already enjoying great success, let us know your experience.

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