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Ecommerce Success: What to Consider before Choosing the Best Website Builder

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Creating Websites for Ecommerce

Websites are built and used for various purposes, but today we’re going to discuss creating websites for eCommerce businesses. When it comes to building eCommerce websites – most people are stumped with two options. Should they hire a web designer? Or a website builder?

This can easily be solved by looking into their budgets. Do you have a small budget? If yes – then you’re better off with a website builder. Website builders are designed to build conventional websites. And if you’re building your own e-commerce business, a simple easy-to-use website is all you need.

The thing with e-commerce is – your focus must always be for the benefit of your customer’s shopping experience, as this affects the whole image of your brand. Each brand has its own image to maintain. Businesses need to consistently show a good face for their consumers to trust them.

When choosing a website builder for your eCommerce business there are factors you need to consider. You need to find a website builder who can create a reliable and professional website for your e-commerce brand.

Having a professional website is important in building brand identity for your business in the online world. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have succeeded due to the help of their websites. With the increase of website builders available on the web, how do you know which one is right for your business?

Dependability – Can Your Builder Deliver?

The first factor to consider in choosing your website builder is the level of their dependability. Unless you know someone or have tried working with the company before, you can’t really know how good their service will be, right? No. Thanks to Google you can look for data and reviews to help you determine a builder’s history.

When was the company established?

Website builders that are in business for a long time tend to have more experience in handling customers and creating websites.

How many users are using the builder?

Website builders that have a history of good services have usually more users and are quite popular in the industry. No one goes back to use a website builder who delivers poorly. Not sure what website builders have the most users? Here’s a ranking of website builders by

When considering a website builder, make sure that you’ve understood and they have articulated the process from creation to publication. Ideally, you are choosing a builder that has an extensive experience in the field. It must be a company who knows the best processes in web design and development

Quality of Custom Designs – Do You Like What You See?

Review the builder’s portfolio to see their past custom designs. An established builder can showcase a good collection of websites from their past clients. These collections will help you determine the builder’s skill and also their capability to create your desired website.

Do you like their designs?

Sometimes website builders can be experienced and dependable but if their designs don’t match your taste – then you’re better off choosing another service. The more you like how your site looks, the more you’ll be invested in its success.

Are their designs user-friendly?

Many website builders are fond of creating websites which have a lot of unneeded features and plug-ins. I’ve seen many e-commerce sites that are so crowded with features it becomes frustrating and difficult to navigate around the pages.

Cost – Can You Afford Their Service?

Prices for web building services can vary from one builder to another. Choose a website builder that fits well into your budget. You don’t want to spend too much if you’re just starting your website. Ultimately, your website costs will vary depending on your traffic and hosting needs.  Ask for hidden costs and if they have any trial periods for you. You should also look into the other competitions to see how much they are charging.

Plugins and Widgets – What Features Do You Need?

Using plugins will improve your websites’ capabilities. A website builder who can offer various widget choices and functionalities will serve you well if you like customizing your site every now and then. When choosing a builder make sure that it has all your needed plugins for social media, tagging and SEO. Examples of good widgets include: text and image, video and sound, photo galleries, slideshows, and Google analytics.

Customer Support  – Who Answers Your Questions?

Pick a website builder that can offer you timely and quality support. Make sure that after signing up you’ll be one of their priorities. With the increasing competition in the field of website building, a lot of website building agencies offer free customer support along with forums and live chats for their users.

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