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How to Boost Marketing Campaign Performance with Video

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If you are looking to attract high quality leads to improve your conversion rates, you need to use video to its full potential to connect with your target audience. Companies have discovered that video can be more effective and powerful than any other marketing methods.

There are numerous examples of successful video marketing campaigns that have gone viral and helped companies achieve success. Here are some tips to boost your marketing campaign performance by using video.

Video content on its own is not enough

Many sales videos may actively annoy and repel customers. This is why it’s important for the video to be used strategically to be of real benefit. Video has been proved to boost brand awareness, increase lead generation and improve conversion.

To achieve this, you must know your audience and create impactful, highly targeted videos. If a video doesn’t offer value and give a reason for viewers to watch, they’ll quickly move on. They are more likely to watch videos that make them laugh, inspire them or teach them something new.

Plan before you shoot

Every single video you use should be part of a targeted marketing campaign. If you know your goals, it’s easier to make decisions, such as what type of videos to use, what length they should be and where they should be distributed.

Explainer videos, introductory videos, and educational videos are just some of your options. One distributional channel may be more suited for one type of video than another.

For instance, longer videos are more suitable for YouTube and short clips of 30 seconds can be used on Twitter. You could use a short clip on Twitter with a call-to-action, leading viewers to a longer video on your website.

Optimize videos for search

Hosting a video on your own domain helps you to derive maximum SEO value from it. You can also host it on other platforms like YouTube to extend your reach, but this won’t offer the same SEO value.

Descriptions are everything when it comes to video because they allow the search engine spiders to understand what content it offers. If your videos have titles, full descriptions and are tagged with relevant keywords, they have the best chance of being ranked.

Choose a great preview screen

The preview screen is like the packaging of a product. The more interesting your preview screen, the more likely it is that someone will click that Play button.

Improve performance by studying analytics

It’s not always easy to measure the performance of video campaigns. A video campaign often spans a variety of channels, publishers and devices. This is where a video hosting platform can help.

You can study video analytics and track the metrics you care about. You will gain more understanding about who is watching your videos, how long they watch for, how they share them and how engaged they are while watching. This enables you to repeat what works and discard what doesn’t.

Include smart CTAs

Include an appropriate CTA (call-to-action) at a strategic point in your video. This CTA will be determined by where visitors are in the sales funnel. If you are targeting new prospects, you could offer them an explainer video containing a CTA that took them on a product tour.

Further down the sales funnel, you could offer an educational video offering a solution to a problem. Some of the CTAs you could include would be: Learn more about our product, sign up for our email list, share this video or go to our website.

Embed videos in emails to improve click-through rate

Complimenting written information in an email with video content can dramatically improve click-through rate. An introductory email, in particular, has far more chance of click-through when a video is included.

Use customer testimonials

Let potential customers see your satisfied customers singing the praises of your products or services in short clips. You create more interest and authenticity with a video testimonial than a written one.

Encourage user-generated content

User-generated video content, like product reviews, often bring the most publicity. User-generated content conveys authenticity more than the most polished sales video. On YouTube, user-generated reviews receive 10 times more views than content created and published by a brand.

People trust recommendations from other customers, and if you can find a way to promote user-generated content, you’re on to a winner. Invite customers to upload videos of them using your products. Boom, the pro-aging skincare company started by Cindy Joseph, has many video reviews on the product page featuring older women.

Another way to encourage user-generated content would be to ask customers to submit contest entries on social media. Think of a prize your customers would appreciate and come up with a hashtag.

Leave customers wanting more

If you overload your videos with details, you will lose viewers. Try to keep your video short and sweet – 60 to 90 seconds – as the further you go over two minutes, the more likely you are to lose viewers. If the subject matter calls for it, of course, you can make a recap video – just sure it keeps the attention of your viewers.

The story is everything when it comes to video. Your video should tell a story with a beginning, a conflict, and a resolution – starring your product or service. A video that makes an emotional connection with a viewer leaves a powerful impression. Don’t underestimate the power of music to move viewers.

Concluding thoughts

When you integrate video marketing into your marketing campaigns, you can improve lead generation and sales. They help to attract attention but also to build awareness about your brand and more trust. As most marketers now use video, it’s becoming harder to stand out from the crowd. If you use the above techniques, you have the best chance of leveraging your online marketing videos to achieve success.

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