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Apps To Help You Make It Through The Rain

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Who would have thought that something simple such as weather prediction and monitoring can be a profitable niche in the mobile market? Go to an app store in any mobile platform and you’ll definitely find a lot of weather-related apps, both free and paid. There are those apps tailored for meteorologists, specifically those apps peppered with copious amounts of information; while there are those aimed at designers, which usually feature stunning graphics and easy, navigable GUIs.

It seems to be raining new weather apps every day. But really, all you need is an app to help you make it through the rain. Here are some of the real standouts.


This cross-platform (iPhone/Android/Windows Phone 8) app differs from the rest of the pack by providing an exact reading of the weather in your location in real time. SkyMotion offers an accurate, minute by minute weather reading by using weather radars from across the country – a rarity in app markets that are already crawling with tons of weather apps.

Aside from this, it also crowdsources weather reports from users in order to improve the app’s accuracy, so you can report the current weather situation in your area anytime you want. Best of all, the app is totally free to use, so you’ve got nothing to lose in case the app doesn’t grow on you.


To keep up with the times, the “world’s weather authority” since 1962, AccuWeather, has worked on a mobile app that pushes a lot of relevant weather information like the current temperature, humidity, visibility, sunrise and sunset, air pressure, and more with only a few swipes. It’s your safest bet if you want a full-featured weather app that’s already tried and tested even before finding weather information using mobile apps became the norm.

Dark Sky

This iOS-only app that became possible through the help of thousands of Kickstarter backers uses state-of-the-art weather forecasting to predict whether if it will rain or snow in your exact location. Unlike other weather apps which solely rely on accuracy in readings and not on stunning graphics, Dark Sky’s beauty lies in the animated radar visualizations it will present you once you run it on your personal or business phone. Currently, the app only works in the United States, but the developers are working towards expanding its coverage to other countries. The app sells for $3.99 on the Apple App Store.

Today Weather

Another weather app that’s currently gaining its ground is a $0.99 app called Today Weather. It’s worth getting if you want to get a comprehensive weather report without having to deal with annoying ads. Its features include a unique seven-day weather forecast, hourly weather details complete with sunrise and sunset times, radar-based weather alerts, additional cities, and easy navigation. The app is powered by Weather Underground’s BestForecast service which boasts of 22,000 personal weather stations from around the globe.

Partly Cloudy

Perhaps the most visually stunning app among the weather-predicting lot is Partly Cloudy, a certified best-seller from the German startup facilitator Raureif. The said app, priced at just $1.99 on the iOS app market, is a gorgeous, custom designed weather app that features stunning simplicity and rich, meaningful data. It offers hourly, daily, and weekly weather forecast (both numeric and pictorial) in great typography and standout themes. Some users even say that the app looks like a sophisticated infographic.

So before deciding on “weather” or not you should leave your umbrella at home, seek instant help from any of these apps. You don’t want to get stuck on the road when it starts raining cats and dogs, do you?

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