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7 Perks Your Employees Will Appreciate (More Than a Pay Raise)

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Are you a company or a business owner?

What is your most valuable asset?

Your employees are the most valuable asset of your company. Right?

And it’s your job to keep them happy, motivated, and engaged. If you take care of them, they will take care of your customers. Simple.

But how can you do that?

There are certain restrictions when it comes to smaller companies in terms of satisfying their employees. Big companies or firms have enough spectrum range to satisfy their employees with pay perks and salary increments.

Don’t panic!

There are, in fact, several soft points and benefits which you can offer to your employees, which can satisfy the employees from the core of their heart.

The smaller perks and benefits, which may come at a very small cost to the companies or even free of charge, can bolster employee loyalty and satisfaction.

In this article you’ll discover 7 perks you (being an employer) can offer to your employees which they will love and appreciate. Take a look.

#1. Employee Health Insurance

Employee health insurance is one of the most beneficial aspect which employees would love to have.

According to Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey (Q3 2015), 40% of respondents said that they value health insurance more than a pay raise.

While these tend to come at a minimal cost to the companies, this employee health insurance comes as a bonus to employees.

These insurance schemes prove crucial to them during the times of need and it gives them a sense that they are cared for and appreciated.

What the ACA accomplished is enough employee satisfaction and praise with the employee health insurance schemes.

#2. Flexible Scheduling and Short Weekdays

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both parents work in 60% of households with children in the U.S.

Ensuring that the employees get maximum time to relax with their families, you can offer them a flexible scheduling — including a work from home option.

If you are offering your employees an ability to determine their own working schedule fitting in to their own convenience offers the employees a greater sense of joy and happiness within them (much more than a rise in salary).

Shorter weekdays and flexible scheduling are considered the most coveted employee perks as voted by several employees around the world.

#3. Food perks

Another way to satisfy employees is the process of providing employees with meals and free food. This can imbibe a sense of appreciation within the employee.

It will help to create a positive workplace environment. There are various food schemes like Pizza Fridays or any other sort of options, which the employees will love.

If your employees are working late nights, you can offer them free dinners or snacks. It’s just another way to show that you care for them.

#4. Freebies and Discount Offers

Everyone loves freebies and special discounts. You can offer various sorts of things to the employees in the form of discount coupons for various indoor or outdoor activities.

17% of employees said that they love discounts and coupons.

Paying their mobile bills or coming up with tickets for movies or sporting events are a way to employee satisfaction and appreciation.

While these perks don’t come at a high price when bought in bulk, these small perks can ensure that the workforce always remains happy and satisfied and thus remains helpful in imbibing a better loyal workforce within the organization.

#5. Performance Bonus

Do you want your employees to work better and with more enthusiasm?

What do you do when an employee or a team meet their goal?

They deserve a reward!

The performance bonus is a fantastic way to keep well-performers keep engaged and motivated.

The best part?

While you are pledging some portion of money from your wallet, you are in fact getting a lot in return. Receiving the performance bonus creates a sense of healthy competition among the employees to perform better and perform to their level best.

#6. Employee Development Programs

Your company is responsible for the professional and personal growth of an employee. If you want results from them, you have to develop their skills.

Employee Development Programs (on the job training, professional development) are just another perk associated with the development of the employees. It’s priceless!

While these programs are beneficial to the companies instantly, there are several other benefits, which can be reaped later on by the employees.

Employee Development Programs can greatly improve their working habits and can help them in the overall development of the technicality they are in.

Much appreciated, these ‘Employee Development Programs’ are one of the most voted perks which employees would love to get from their employers.

19% of respondents said that they value development programs.

#7. Offer Them an On-site Gym

How much time do your employees spend per day at their desks?

Average 8 to 10 hours!

It can give them physical and mental stress and there are more chances that they don’t do physical exercise. By the time they get home, they are too exhausted to do some workout. It can make them less productive.

You can provide them with an onsite fitness center and encourage them to do some physical activity. Conduct group fitness classes and wellness programs weekly. It will make them more productive and healthy. Make these programs optional.

CareerBuilder survey revealed that 22% employees value on-site fitness centers.

Wrap up!

There is no dearth of options for the employers to satisfy their employees with small but very effective perks.

Offering your employees with perks and other benefits (even keeping aside the pay rise/salary increments) can offer your employees a greater chance to joy and happiness.

What are you waiting for? Offer your employees with perks and benefits which may cost you a nominal charge, but can be very effective for your employees!

What perks or incentives do you offer to your employees? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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