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6 Effective Ecommerce Advertisement Strategies

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Do you know how eBay succeeded in achieving 162M active customer base? The answer is ‘advertisement’. Irrespective of how good you have an eCommerce advertisement store, it will become immensely difficult to grow it until you advertise yourself through proper channels.

The biggest challenge of this digital age is to provide your information at the right time to the right people through the right medium.

While advertising your product/service, make sure it is presented boldly enough to be visualized through clusters of competitive ads in a significant manner.

In fact, in this write-up, I have discussed several important aspects to improve your effective eCommerce advertisement strategies, which will help you access your target audience in the most effective manner.

#1. Micro-targeting

The prime aspect of the effective eCommerce advertisement is to micro-target your audience. In eCommerce language, micro-target refers to the establishment of the market territory. You need to define and design your advertisement strategy to reach the audience with identical interests/characteristics.

It is basically a marketing strategy that is based on the consumers’ demographics and consumer data for the recognition of the interests of specific individuals or like-minded group of people.

The idea is to advertise your products/services so as to influence the thoughts and actions of your target audience. A vital goal is to get acquainted with your target audience well enough to know their interests as well as their preferred communication channels.

So, when you create customized messages and specialized offers for them, you would be able to deliver to the targeted individuals directly and effectively.

#2. Pre-qualification of leads

Prequalify your leads by mentioning the price in the advertisement. It will help in filtering the potential buyers. By doing this, your ads are targeted according to the buying persona of your targeted group of individuals.

For further qualification of the leads, either directly mention the price or specify the price bracket on the advertisement up-front.

Check out this advertisement.

This is an advertisement of a bed where appropriate name and price specification enable it to filter the traffic and restrict it only to the potential buyers.

So, the conclusion is to advertise your product and service not only according to your target customers but also apply price filters.

Not only will your site get the potential customers, but if you are getting traffic through referral marketing and PPC, you won’t have to pay for each non-potential click.

#3. Optimize the browsing filters for eCommerce advertisement

Come up with a well-structured site design and appropriate navigation system, as these are the main ingredients to draw and retain customers in the long run. Provide them with the persuasive browsing experience. Modify the eCommerce advertisements that appear on the site for individual consumers based on their browsing history.

For example, on the Amazon website, the side advertisements get modified according to the users’ researches. Check the snapshot below:

Optimize the browsing filters

Check the advertisement on the sidebar of the site when the user searched for iPhone 6s. These are either related to the iPhone 6s or the category under which the user’s search is present in the site structure.

  1. Get sticky

Plan and define a strategy that can attract customers towards your product or service. In this context, using appropriate keywords/meta tags and bringing them in the top search results is considered as the most recommended approach.

Online businesses utilize services like Google Adwords to raise the ranking in search result. Various famous websites have incorporated Google Adwords to bring their sites in the top search results, hence making their site “sticky” for buyers and customers.

Focusing on such strategies to attract customers, ‘Amazon’ attracted millions of customers by encouraging them to share their opinions of items like books, CDs, etc.  You can follow the same approach to generate traffic and attract/retain masses.

#4. Better site navigation

Many times, your eCommerce advertisement is generating a lot of traffic, but the customers are leaving without buying anything. What do you think is the major culprit behind? Ecommerce owners usually go for the better and better marketing strategy, but they forget to make the site structure smooth enough.

An attractive and targeted advertisement grabs the attention of the consumers, but once they have clicked on the advertisement, they should be served with smooth navigation after landing on your site. If they won’t find it on your site, they might jump on to the competitors’ and you will end up losing the prospect.

Enable your visitors to search through your website as conveniently as possible, finding exactly they are searching for. Getting to their desired items effortlessly encourages them to continue their transaction with an e-store.

Remember, there are countless competitors offering visitors a seamless shopping experience. If you lack in any area, they won’t hesitate clicking away to a better option.

#5. Incentivize

In addition to the above strategies, add some extra spice to your advertisement strategy to make it irresistible. For instance, offer discounts. Associate your offers with special occasions of your target customers.

Look at the eCommerce advertisement below. the New Year is an auspicious occasion for people around the globe when they are ready to embrace any goodness life is willing to offer them. So, this becomes a great time to offer some additional incentives to your target customers.

target customers

But this is not all about the ad here. Not only it prominently features the sale logo with “70% OFF” and “46% OFF” captions along with the new prices, but it also signifies the message by stating the exact amount a customer can save by purchasing the products offered.

This little bit extra is what carries the potential to spice up any ad, giving customers the slight push they need to hit the “Add to cart” button.


One can follow as many strategies as imaginable in order to generate more revenue online. The strategies presented here, however, are not some hacks or fixes of digital media marketing, but these are some of the very reliable means of penetration through the global village to create an image of your brand in consumers’ mind.

Although it takes the time to craft strategies that would benefit your business in the best possible manner, these strategies help you amp up your  eCommerce advertisement campaign significantly, increasing your customer base and revenue pool.

Of course, this is not all; I will really appreciate you sharing some of your own experiences and observations in the comment section below. What worked the best for you and what didn’t.

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