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5 Tips to Boost Productivity and Inspire Employees Using Social Media

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Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a large corporation, you already know the benefits of

Here’s how:

#1. Encourage participation on the company blog.

social-media-employees-company-blogHaving a blog on your business’ website has plenty of benefits, the most important being: a) it keeps your site active (for SEO purposes) and; b) it’s the perfect platform for employees to showcase their voice.

Adobe does a great job at this by encouraging their workers all over the world to share something about themselves. At the same time, they let people in on why it’s fun to work at the computer software company. The result? They attract top talent who are passionate and share the same values. Meanwhile, they also get to promote their products, services, and events using unique, engaging content. Definitely sounds like a win-win strategy.

#2. Make employees brand ambassadors through active sharing.

Sure, your CEO may be the face of the company – but who do people trust more? According to the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer, 66% have confidence in subject matter experts, academics, and field experts; whereas 65% rely on information from persons like themselves. Your company’s employees are the best brand ambassadors because they are relatable and can easily connect with more people on social media daily.

If you’re seriously considering creating a brand ambassador program, remember these pointers:

  • Assign a leader to guide the group and maintain standards
  • Make sure employees understand the goals and vision of the project
  • Prepare necessary tools and/or resources
  • Allow for constant monitoring, feedback, and measurement

This is an exciting assignment for your employees to partake in. But make sure you’re all on the same boat before properly launching the program.

#3. Use live video streaming apps for remote workers.

Tsocial-media-employees-levie-ceohose working on the field or in another country don’t have to feel left out of corporate happenings anymore thanks to today’s technology.

Apps like Meerkat and Periscope (which are integrated on various social media networks like Twitter) allow one to share a slice of their daily life. They can also be used to give presentations, conduct interviews, or launch new products and services. There’s nothing like feeling as if you’re experiencing the real deal. With video live streaming apps, you can take the action straight to your employees – no matter where they are in the globe.

CEOs such as Aaron Levie of Box for example, enjoy using Meerkat not only to reach out to a wider market, but also to inspire his remote employees.

#4. Promote positive company culture.

Company culture is more than a set of rules that you post on a bulletin board. It is the values you live for, the meaning you try to imbue in others, and a sense of community for your employees. As millennials make up the largest population in the workforce today, creating a positive company culture is no longer something that’s nice to have, but rather, a MUST-HAVE.

If you want to gain and retain top talent, use social media to promote a positive culture in the office. You can do this through visual little things, such as corporate hashtags or visual inspiration messages.

Hashtags are more than pound symbols used on social media – they are highly powerful tools for easy communication. If your workers love using Twitter to stay in touch, your very own company hashtag could drive more employees to share content. This increases the chances for brand awareness, especially outside your office walls. social-media-employees-motivational-imagesDo you have an upcoming company event or a new product launch? Use your custom hashtag to get everyone on board!

Another great idea is by inspiring employees through visual content. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are great to get workers motivated.

You can make an exclusive board for them to follow, and Pin motivational image content as scheduled. You can also print these messages and display them in the office. These make for an instant pick-me-up, as well as tasteful decorative pieces.

#5. Take advantage of Google+ seamless features.

Is your organization using Gmail and Google Docs? Don’t waste time on other apps for communication. Google+ Hangouts provides faster and better collaboration between these tools than other apps. Plus, it’s also available on mobile.

Hangouts can be used for almost anything: from team meetings, product updates, to casual conversations. Their privacy settings also allow people to adjust who gets to join in the corporate chat. CIO of educational services company Kaplan, Edward Hanapole, loves Google+ Hangouts for their group’s needs. It saves time and provides a seamless experience for all team members.

No need to spend money to inspire or motivate your employees. These days, workers look for more meaning in their jobs. Besides, in the long run, financial remuneration is also NOT a cost-effective strategy. The correct incorporation of modern technology plus the right understanding of millennial talents can pave the way to increased efficiency.

It’s time to stop looking at social media as a distraction.

Instead, treat it as a powerful tool for maximizing productivity and boosting office morale. Properly integrating Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in your organization is like hitting two birds with one stone: people remain engaged and inspired, as they spread positive awareness for your business.

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