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5 Proven Ways to Keep Your Mobile App Users Engaged Throughout Their Journey

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In this era of smartphones, everyone is developing a mobile app for their business to connect with their customers easily.

Well, why not because developing a high-end mobile application is not a rocket science that you can’t achieve easily. But making your app one that is not forgotten by your users is not that easy. How will you keep reminding your users about your app? How are you going to engage your app users through their journey?

It’s nothing like that people don’t like to use apps. Even recent research reports show that approximately 90% of mobile media time goes to mobile apps as compared to mobile web.

As you can see in the below-given image, there is heavy usage of accessing apps on mobile devices because of the accessibility of apps across social networks and news:

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Some of the top social media giants like Twitter, YouTube, and Messenger are taking the leading roles on mobile devices, leaving other apps with a small number of engaged users. No matter what type of app you have for your business, it is must that you keep your users engaged. But how will you keep your users engaged? How will ensure that your users are not forgetting about your app?

In this blog, we have mentioned five proven ways that you can try to keep your users engaged with your app:

#1. Try to Make Your App’s Loading Time As Fast As Possible

One of the most important thing that you can do to keep your users engaged with your app is offer fast loading time because almost all the users are expecting an application that loads in just two seconds or less and approximately 79% of users are trying their app one or two times if it is not loading for the first time.

If your mobile app is taking more than 2 seconds to load, the chances are high that you will lose potential customers because they will be irritated from your app. It can frustrate and make them irritated that they will decide to delete your app from their list. As we know that mobile apps are used everywhere from the office to home to airports to anywhere; therefore, it is must that they load instantly otherwise your users will lose interest from your app.

If you want to decrease the loading time of your app, make sure that you include only those features that are highly useful. Rather than stuffing a range of features that take time to load, you can include minimum and required features. Moreover, you can also opt for different methods like keeping features such as image size, media optimized, web services, and database optimized.

#2. Simple Yet Easy Onboarding That Educate Your Users

Another way to boost app users’ engagement is simple and easy onboarding that educate your app users about how to use the application. You can let your users learn about your app without any mental burden on them. If your app has following things:

  • A lot of content without any tutorial guide
  • Enormous features that confuse your users
  • Long and tricky forms or process to follow
  • Ratings and reviews at every step

These things can confuse your app users and can create a burden on them.

Therefore, it would be good that you keep it simple and easy. Allow your users to easily access any information that is required rather than giving all information available upfront.

#3. Optimizing User Experience

Talking about the user experience or UX, it is the experience of users during and after their interaction with your mobile application. Generally, an average mobile app user spends 84% of his time using the same five apps although having a range of other apps on their smartphone.

However, it might also be possible because of the user patterns and app categories and it can also be possible that those some apps are offering a great user experience to app users. Remember that if you have to explain to your app users how to use an app in detail, it means that your user experience is not that great.

Moreover, you also need to ensure that you keep your app simple yet clean, allowing users to have a rich user experience. UX includes creating those apps that are not crashing and giving a simple user interface and intuitive design.

#4. Push Notifications – A Secret Weapon to Use

As you know that applications, which are quite for long period of time, can be forgotten by users and ultimately deleted by them. But you make sure that you don’t frustrate your users by constantly sending notifications about your app.

It can irritate your users and make them delete your app. You only need to send relevant push notifications, which draw them back into your app. There are lots of applications that weekly sent notifications to users so that they can check the latest offers, new services or products or it could be anything.

In today’s time, push notifications can be extremely customized that make them even more relevant. So, you can send them with extreme care and incorporated into your engagement strategy.

#5. Consider Important User Metrics

Do you know that there are some other important stats to consider apart from the number of downloads? To keep your app users engaged, you can consider also metrics like:

  • Daily Active Users (DAUs)
  • Monthly Active Users (MAUs)
  • Average revenue per user (ARPUs)
  • App churn or the proportion of users, who stop using the app
  • Average visit time

However, you also need to look at the reviews and ratings of your app on the app store and according to it, you can improve your app. To look at these stats, there are many tools available that mobile app development companies and their marketing consultancies can check to know the problem areas. One of such tool is app developers that gives a complete in-depth analysis to make the right decision.

Concluding Note

Irrespective the type of app, you can follow these 6 important and proven ways that can help you to boost user engagement and keep retaining them. It is quite hard, but not impossible to keep your app focused on your users and what they need when you lack knowledge about your audience. Always remember that one satisfied and content user will call other users, but one unsatisfied user can take away your numerous users.

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