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5 Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Double Your Sales

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Ever since ecommerce has evolved, the no.1 question faced by ecommerce store owners is this – how do I promote my ecommerce store online? Countless SEO and social media marketing agencies have sprung up to cater to the rising demand of ecommerce website owners to promote their site. However, before you make that decision to hire a person for your ecommerce marketing, I would like to bring forward a few important points.

SEO friendly shopping cart

Almost 50% of any ecommerce website traffic comes from search engine. Hence, your first and foremost objective is to choose SEO friendly shopping cart software which supports search engine friendly URLs, meta title and description, 301 redirections, canonicalization, user-friendly navigation, auto updated XML sitemap, robots meta as well robots.txt, blog, Google analytics, alt tag, title tag, schema markups, etc.

Blogging engine

One of the most powerful ecommerce marketing tools evolved in past few years is blogging. Hence your ecommerce software must have a robust and reliable blogging engine. The blogging engine for ecommerce doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles of WordPress. It should have the minimum required features for you to run an effective blog on your own domain.

Mobile Responsive

As per the emerging use of Smartphones, Buyers are using mobile devices to shopping online. Google strongly recommends developing a mobile friendly website for user convenient, therefore Google gives high priority in indexing mobile content and ranking benefits for mobile responsive websites. Make sure that your ecommerce website is mobile responsive, as well also supports mobile responsive checkout page. It is essential that your ecommerce store administration panel must be mobile friendly, so users can easily manage their order details.

HTTPS secure shopping cart

Security of ecommerce business is always the challenging task for online store owners, HTTPS (SSL) is an ideal solution for website security to secure online transactions. Some ecommerce platforms are offering HTTPS security solution for their client’s online store; otherwise, the store owner should implement HTTPS to encrypt online communications. Another benefit of HTTPS is Google starts giving higher ranking to SSL secure websites, so store owner should look forward to beat the competitor and provide secure experience to online visitors.

Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Double Your Sales

If your ecommerce website software has these two features, then your job of marketing your ecommerce website will get infinitely easier. The next thing for you is to follow the following action plan market your ecommerce website. Here is your ecommerce marketing action plan.

#1. Create a crowd-puller lead

5 out of 100 people buy online. If you are not capturing email addresses of your website visitors, then you are losing revenue every single day. The first thing you should do is start collecting name and email address of visitors on your site by offering them something really interesting or exciting for free. What can you give for free? Anything, it is depending on interest and value to your website visitors.

#2. Email marketing follows up

Once you collect the name and email address of your website visitors, you must follow up with them regularly via email. Send them a welcome email in which you must showcase your personality and your USP. Do not try to sell your product first. Make the reader your fan. You can also use email marketing software (like MailChimp, Aweber, sendgrid, etc) to increase small business sales and generate more leads.

#3. Blogging 

The blog is like your own broadcasting channel. Most people use blogs wrongly by talking about themselves. Do not use a blog to talk about yourself. Publish articles, videos, and photos of what might interest to your users. Remember, the blog is a media to make any media popular; you need to woo readers, make it interesting. You need to create value and interesting content which is actually consumed by your prospect buyers. Make sure you blog consistently published every week, every fortnight or every month. Ideally, start with one blog a month and gradually increase frequency.

#4. On-page Optimization

The lowest hanging fruit in your ecommerce website marketing is the search engine optimization of your website. This is often referred as “on-page SEO”. On-page SEO has two steps. First, you need to research on the keywords which your target audience is using Google to search for products or services in your business domain. Once you determine keywords (identity at least 50 keywords), identify the pages which can be developed using those keywords. Write quality content for each page based on these keywords. Also optimize your products, categories and every page of your website with these keywords. Properly define Meta tags and URLs for each page based on the content in that page and ensure that Google robots can scan the content and really mark it as “useful resource” for certain keywords. The usefulness score of your website content entirely depends on the quality of content.

#5. Online Advertising 

Google Adwords is finest ways to reach your customers which will allow promoting your startups through the paid marketing and generating lead from day one. Another interesting avenue for ecommerce website marketing is online advertising channels which are often quite inexpensive and send you thousands of visitors. One such resource to find cost effective advertising channels is Buy & Sell Ads. This website offers a large collection of websites on the internet who can advertise your business cost effectively. Also, if you search for online magazines, discussion forums and blogs in your domain, you will find plenty of resources where you can advertise quite inexpensively.

Dong these five things in your ecommerce marketing will help you get thousands of visitors at relatively low cost and double your online sales. However, do not limit your ecommerce website marketing only to these avenues. The ecommerce BootCamp allows you to explore a large number of avenues to market your ecommerce business online.


Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing sectors globally. The rising trust of consumers in online shopping is a testimony to the fact that this industry is one of the biggest achievements of modern technology. Dong these five things in your ecommerce marketing will help you get thousands of visitors at relatively low cost and double your online sales. However, do not limit your ecommerce website marketing only to these avenues. The ecommerce BootCamp allows you to explore a large number of avenues to market your ecommerce business online.

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