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5 Compelling Reasons To Have An iPhone App For Your Business

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iPhone users stay ahead of other mobile platforms in respect of paying for mobile apps. Still for a business app to stay connected with this elite group of users (who generally do not mind paying for what they require) iPhone and its Apps Store remains the first choice.

Apps Store for iOS platform is the busiest application store with the highest number and variety of apps available for the users. An iPhone app gives your business the edge of being in constant, uninterrupted, touch with the users. Today’s business needs to stay connected with their consumers all the time.

While everyone is keen on reaching consumers through a user friendly iPhone app to tap the huge elite market for their business, you just cannot lag behind. Whether to beat the competition or to stay on par with competitors in business practice, you need an iPhone app that helps your business tap the potential of the busiest mobile apps store.

Below we explain top 5 reasons your business must have an iPhone app.

#1. Reaching high value potential market

Now mobile internet users are steadily rising to leave behind other gadgets. More importantly, from a consumer’s point of view ordering a product or service is more preferable using the internet on the mobile screen than the desktop at office or at home. For making instant buying decisions and for making choices on the go, handheld devices are preferred above traditional computers.

Every 1 in five persons now use a smartphone and more importantly smartphones are fast replacing previous generation handsets. In this burgeoning smartphone market iPhone accounts for a 22-30% of the market share which is quite big and lucrative, especially if you consider the spending potential of the iPhone users. Naturally, if your products or services are targeted towards high value consumers an iPhone App is an invincible step you cannot dispense with.

#2. Great source of revenue

iPhone apps offer a ready in hand avenue for making revenues. Your app is found relevant and useful by the user and he or she may just conduct a transaction instantly from their mobile screen. The billions of iPhone users are at your disposal while your app is on the App Store. Even a thin slice of this huge market could translate to a great business response and revenue.

Apart from the business transaction concerning your products and services your app can earn a revenue by selling itself on the App Store. Most apps on the app store are chargeable and this offers a scope for making a good profit if the app can even hit a moderate amount of users. As per the statistics received from several market researches, 4 out of 5 iPhone users are willing to pay for their required app. If your app is worth downloading the potential users will pay for it and this will pave the way for another source of revenue.

#3. Get a great band of loyal customers

All businessmen strive to make their customers loyal to their brands, their products and services. Yes, if you can make your customers return to you for further orders, your growth will be obvious. With an iPhone app you can make this thing happen more easily than ever. When your app is on the screen of your users, you are in touch with them all the time with your products, services, new arrivals, new updates and all new developments.

It can ensure they hear about you on a regular basis and you keep them engaged in choices and preferences. You notify them every now and then about the upcoming events, your business developments and all that may seem lucrative for the users. This constant availability and relationship measures make them engaged throughout and over a period of time make them loyal. 

#4. Unmatched User Interface and User Experience

As far as the brilliance of the device and the OS is concerned there is nothing so smooth, elegant and glitch free as the iPhone. An iPhone offers the most user friendly, fastest and attractive interface for the users. With fastest RAM performance, great display, smoothest touch interface and simple navigation features, iPhone is way ahead of most other smartphone devices in the market.

This unmatched brilliance of the device goes in favor of the apps launched for it. Thanks to this device you can deliver best performance, ease and visual beauty through your app to the users. Moreover, iPhone is also the most frequently updated phone with every update coming with truly cutting edge technology and advanced feature set. Updating your app for new device versions and software updates you can actually take advantage of all the features and make your app more lucrative.

#5. Your app is trusted

Unlike other mobile platforms Apple is more quality focused and strict in many regards. When it comes to giving approvals to apps for Apps Store, Apple is the strictest of all. There are a series of internal and external approvals for getting the permission into Apps Store. Every single app on the App Store is validated as secure and fool proof by the company. Clients trust an iPhone app and feel secure because of these strict approval measures. It is needless to say that with an iPhone app you enjoy greater trust and dependence from your customers.

When you have an iPhone app you are not only into the largest apps store with the highest number of users and apps, but you are identified with one of the greatest tech brands of our era. In innovation, ease, simplicity and high tech features iPhone offers an unmatched mobility experience and for years have been the most coveted device by millions. An iPhone app for your business would help to take your brand image further ahead and reach your target audience in a more sophisticated manner.

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