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4 Simple Techniques To Optimize Your Website Conversions And Increase Sales

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Online marketers are always interesting in anything to help optimize conversions rates. Here are a few simple yet effective techniques that can increase your website conversions rates.

#1. Add a Picture of a Smiling Person (Preferably a Female)

A simple tactic like adding an image of a person may make all the difference to the conversion rate. Most sites that use images have reported positive effect on their conversion rates. The use of image makes the website more convincing. The viewers can also relate to the site better.

However, care should be taken while choosing the picture and the background. Picture should be chosen keeping in mind the age group and gender of the target group. Similarly, the picture should relate to the lifestyle of the targeted customer base.

It has been seen that shorter pages having an image in the background impress the buyers and always register higher conversion rates. A/B testing with different pictures and short and long pages will help you to determine how to incorporate images and ensure optimized conversion rates.

Look at the manner in which 3dcart displays a smiling lady in the front page.


The image is stunning and the small conversion form beside the image persuades the user to fill up the form instantly. The confidence supplied by the image initiates an action and the form guides the user to take an action. The end result is a lead which in turn generates revenue.

#2. Use Optimized Lead Generation Forms

Most businesses understand the importance collecting user information and how they can be converted into leads but only a handful optimize the lead generation form. You cannot hit upon a form design that is perfect for your business. Trial and error method and A/B testing help in optimizing a lead generation form and making your visitors fill it up. What works is having a simple design and a strong call to action.

Apart from these two things you should also make sure that the form contains fewer fields. Experts advise to stick to 3 to 5 fields. Moreover, good privacy policy always increases lead generation.

Market studies have shown that placement of the form is vital to its success. The upper right hand corner is the best place to anchor your form. The general rule of thumb is that the form should be visible at a first glance and without scrolling down.

Have a look at the below form present on the site The form is neat and clean with only a few basic fields, anchored at the top right corner and catches viewers’ attention the moment they land up in this page. The entire design of the page along with the form conveys the site’s message rightly.


#3. Add Customer Reviews on Product Pages

Most interested customers go through the product pages minutely.  They usually look for the benefits of the products. It has been found in market research and also A/B testing that sites that include customer reviews in the product pages almost always experience very high conversion rate. Most marketers feel that what convinces potential customers to buy the products is the extra information that is available in the customer reviews. They can relate well to their experiences and hence get converted easily.

If you would like to implement this in your products pages, you should also include information like the location, gender and age range of the customers. An image along with the reviews will always add to the credibility. The potential customers would be influenced by the experience of the existing customers who seem similar to them and this would get reflected in the selling rate.

A good example of this tactic is the way Amazon uses product reviews in its product pages. Complete with review and rating, the products pages look enticing as well as convincing.


#4. Use a Security Seal to Earn Customer Trust 

In the virtual world, customers are always worried about the security of their transactions and therefore, the guarantee seal works to secure the trust of the visitors. Even A/B testing also confirms this. The sites that use seal to guarantee the delivery of purchases or protection of the consumers’ identity witnessed higher conversion rates.

The competition in the online world is so intense that most companies depend on their commitment to satisfaction of the buyers as the differentiating factor. Thus, providing security to the transactions and winning the trust of their patrons becomes the obvious option.

A fine example of implementation of this technique can be found in the website of Cal Gas. The security seal is displayed in the header and never fails to capture the attention of the visitors.


These techniques are very easy to comprehend and implement too. You can tweak with these ideas and come up with new ones that will work better for your site. Share with me how you feel about these tips.

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