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10 Apps to Heal Your Mind from Stress and Anxiety

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Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So Relax”

– Bryant MC Gill

Difficult thoughts can give you nightmares and leave you indecisive and lost. Worldly issues will bother your mind, gradually create anxiety, then depression and sleeplessness will catch hold of you. Coming out of these cruel realities to heal your mind is very difficult. But, getting bogged down by them is much more dangerous.

Problems are a part and parcel of your life, you can’t really run away from them. So you need to train your mind to be calm and relax in difficult times. But, the important question is “How?”.

Below are some apps to relax and heal your mind from anxiety and tension:

#1. Stress Relief Coloring Book

Colors are very effective. Different kinds of colors influence our mind in different ways. So, color therapy is an efficient way to calm our mind. Stress Relief – Coloring for Adults is a fantastic app designed to get rid of stress, tension and anxiety in a very effective way.

Here you can find galleries with beautiful pictures of Women, Dreamland, Henna, Zodiac signs, Fantasy Faces, Deep Sea, Butterflies, Flowers and more, with intricate designs in them. These intricate places need to be colored. There is a rich palette of colors from where you can choose your favorite color and fill the intricate parts of the image. While coloring the intricate parts, you will feel all the negative thoughts disappearing, get your peace back and positive thoughts filling up your mind.

After you finish coloring, you can share it on social media with your friends, family and relatives. This is a great app and will surely cure you from all your mental tension and pressures.

#2. Naturespace

Sound therapy is an effective way to relax and rejuvenate your mind. Different kinds of sounds have different affects on our mind. If you like listening to good quality music then Naturespace is the best app for you. You can easily listen to the app’s music through headphones. The sounds present here are the 3D recordings from different places on Earth. The music in it will help you calm down and relax.

You need to experience the music to believe it. For this very reason, this app is available for free. There are six free sounds, absolutely no ads and a huge catalog to choose your favorite sound from. This is an amazing place for holographic sound.

It is the perfect tool which will help you sleep, relax, study, travel, meditate etc.

#3. The Mindfulness App

It’s time that you start your journey towards a more relaxed and healthy mind. The Mindfulness App will prove to be your best friend in your journey towards a happy life. It doesn’t matter whether you meditate regularly or are just starting to meditate. This app will help you be mindful always.

Its effects are scientifically proven. Some of them are:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Helps you be creative and start to focus and concentrate
  • Helps you accept yourself and be confident
  • Gives you a good sleep at night
  • Makes you happy in life

This app is used by a million of meditators across different countries. Mediation basically calms you down, lets you be at constant peace with yourself and helps you work with ease.

#4. Self Healing

Are you always over stressed? Does your every work just become a mess? Are you constantly struggling with yourself? If yes, then this is the app for you. Self Healing is actually a voice guide teaching how to heal yourself naturally from within. It even produces soothing sounds and helps you calm down.

Some features of this app are:

  • Aum chant
  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • Touch healing
  • Prayers
  • Crystals healing
  • Mantra recitation

These sessions are made by professionals. Moreover, there are some voice healing sessions conducted here. This is a breakthrough app which will significantly help you in life.

#5. Universal Breathing

Pranayama is an old and scientific way of breathing to keep our body fit and strong. Universal Breathing actually helps your body to breath in a proper manner. While teaching the lungs to breath with all its capacity, you are actually getting a toned body with all the health benefits.

It is a proven fact that if you practice slow breathing for at least 15 minutes every day, you will be released from your stress and be at peace. This app has been created by different doctors, designers and different app developers.

This practice will keep your mind awake and calm always.

#6. Brainwaves

Whether you are stressed or tired, you can always relax your brain with this app. This app heals your mind with Isochronic tones and Binaural beats. These tones of Brainwaves app are mixed with comfortable soothing music and sounds of nature. It also includes 90 programs to meditate, relax, relieve anxiety and stress, sleep, boost confidence, develop a positive mind, heal, and focus.

Since the start of this millennium, the world famous brainwave specialist, The Unexplainable Store has provided brainwave entertainment. You can install it in your iPhone or iPad and feel relaxed whenever you want to.

#7. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

This app is designed to guide you towards a strong and healthy life, keeps you spiritually upgraded and looks after your physical well-being, peace of mind and helps you become joyful in your day-to-day life. With Conscious Lifestyle Magazine app installed in your phone, you will enjoy an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

If you are bogged down with the problems and troubles of life, then this app will surely boost up your mood and motivate you. It actually helps you walk towards a new path in life and helps you find a new meaning of life. With this app in your phone, you will understand how much it is necessary to be fit and fine, not only in terms of your body but also your mind.

#8. Relax Lite

Stress and anxiety kills us from within and we feel choked inside our own body. With this app, it will be very easy for you to reduce anxiety and remove stress. De-stress yourself with the guided breathing and meditation, accompanied with soothing music to accelerate relaxation. Relax Lite is a simple tool but manages stress really well.

People are so busy these days that they find it difficult to take out time to manage stress. But this app doesn’t demand your time, rather it adjusts itself within your precious time. With the continuous use of this app, you will be able to see visible results in no time.

#9. Calm

Bring peace in your life with this mindful meditation app which is called Calm. Without peace of mind, you can’t achieve anything in life. Clarity of mind, joy in life, and peace at home and work can be achieved with the regular use of this app. 25 soothing sounds help you sleep faster without any anxiety or stress.

This app provides three options of meditation:

  • It has a 7 to 21 days guide for meditation program that always keeps a track of what progress you have made.
  • It has a meditation session that is not guided.
  • Lastly, there are 25 guided meditation sessions that will last from a couple of minutes to 20 minutes.

These programs will lead you through the path of absolute calmness.

#10. Take a Break

Is the daily stress and tension taking a toll on your peace of mind? Do you stay irritated all day and need to get rid of this? Then worry no more, this is one of the most beneficiary apps that will help you cool down and relax. From the meditation Oasis podcast, the app selects two kinds of meditation processes to calm you down and help you relax. There is also an option to listen with or without music and listen to nature sounds.

With Take a Break app, you can wind down easily. Moreover, you have the options to choose from two relaxing audios. Read the instructions properly to get guided in the right path.

Heal your mind, calm your brain and enjoy the sweetness of life. You will find half of your problems are automatically solved without much effort.

Worries, troubles and problems are a part and parcel of life. Life is beautiful when you see beauty in every small thing. To feel and see beauty, you need to feel happy within. This is only possible when you are at peace with yourself. Therefore, download these apps and give a better meaning to life.

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