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7 Natural Ways for Promotion on Twitter

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Forget the cheat readers and other artificial methods of promotion on Twitter. How to build a base of readers with your own hands and for free? Seven Tips on how to post on Twitter.

“How to gain Twitter subscribers naturally” has always been the subject of many articles. However, they all share one thing: the artificial methods that involve a lot of money to be put in. Most of the people try to follow some random strangers and expect a follow back. This is so far the most stupid method I have noticed. This practice is very common and is ineffective. You replenish the ranks of subscribers, leaving conversion to zero at the end.

So, today I will discuss on how to engage effectively or promotion on Twitter without any kind of investment. So with my research and my interest in the field of social media, I have gathered some facts which I am going to share.

1. Specify the location

Geo-targeting is very important, even if you are doing business on the Internet. You still work, live, and relax somewhere. Sign up for local blogs and get response subscriptions. ReTweet for nearby businesses (most importantly, that they are not your competitors) will open you new channels point to the potential partners and finally customers.

2. Mention the small brands

Choose from their region a few small companies that are not your competitors, but have a similar customer base. Write about them in your blog; do not forget about the positive feedback and a shortened link to their site. They are happy to subscribe to you, retweet, and as a result, some of them will move some readers to you. Give the “friendship of peoples”!

3. Answer the big brands

Leave your comments in the Twitty major brands. In the web version of Twitter, leave comments, useful link or original answer this will be seen by readers and as a result, you will get another small source of subscribers. This is one of the most effective ways for promotion on Twitter.

4. Connect to the service Buffer

Automate the process. The buffer is a real gift for bloggers and SMM professionals. It allows you to plan your tweets so that they are archived and published on schedule. In just a few minutes you can fill your tape tasks for the day, and the tweets will not go en masse and hinder your readers.

In addition, the service offers several features that put it on the order above other managers for doing microblog:

  • Detailed analytics. Buffer analyzes the activity time of your subscribers, offering an opportune time to publish posts. You only need to add a tweet, a compilation of the most advantageous schedule service will take over.
  • Function reference contraction.
  • Teamwork: Buffer allows you to add colleagues.
  • Several user interfaces of using. Service is designed as a website, mobile applications and a toolbar for browsers.

5. The Praise of other authors

Every writer wants recognition, even if it comes to the conduct of microblog. In the process, you certainly have to look over the enormous amount of foreign materials. So why not recognize the truly outstanding work?

Choose for yourself the best fit content that interests your target audience. Make repost, tweets for favorite authors, do not forget to specify their full name/nickname, as well as a new link to the material. The author simply has no choice, how to become your follower and make a couple of Fortress in response.

6. Participate in discussions

No automation gives the same effect as a dialogue between stakeholders. Leave a comment on a post on your topic of interest. If the answer pleases other users, consider that in the bag. During the discussion, some participants often interact with foreign subscribers.

7. Write guest posts

Guest post has several advantages: you get an additional source of external links, raise awareness of its own brand, make new contacts. Write an interesting post and do not forget to leave a call to action “follow the author on @twitter» at the end. The more popular the blog, the more potential subscribers will pass the link, but you have to work hard for the glory.

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