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5 Ways To Add Twitter Followers To Your Business

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As one of the most recognizable social networks in existence, Twitter is known as a must-have for nearly any type of business. It is one of the top three networks, where Twitter, along with Facebook and Google+, make up the major social media networks in the United States.

Worldwide, Twitter has a penetration of more than 40 percent in terms of account ownerships.  The

As an important focus in most businesses’ social media strategy, what should your business consider to improve its user base?

5 Ways to Add Twitter Followers

Getting more followers doesn’t have to be too difficult.  Here are some of the best strategies – ranging from simple best practices to your business’ budget:

  1. Cross-Market: You may have a better following on Facebook, Google+, or some other type of social network (such as Pinterest/Instagram for media). Let your audience on these networks know what you’re doing on Twitter. If you can make it worth their while with something lucrative, you can find an easy way to bump your following.
  2. Make It Worth Their While: This is the perfect lead to our next tip – promotions.  Run contests and offer something of value.  It is a fantastic way to boost social media visibility.
  3. Make Twitter Visible: Twitter links should be on your website, within each blog post (such as a floating bar for readers to share/tweet/etc. stories), and within your store, products, and anything that’s relevant to your business.
  4. Use Twitter Well: Are you using relevant hashtags, sharing blog posts, retweeting and sharing others’ tweets, and posting regularly?  Polish and consistency will promote someone following your feed, once you get them to your Twitter feed.  Take some time to brush up on best practices.
  5. Use Some of Your Budget: Twitter allows businesses to take advantage of promoted accounts and tweets, which can be an effective way to increase your user base in a short amount of time. Combining it with other strategies can spell success for your Twitter and overall social marketing strategy.

Building on Success

Maintaining an active Twitter account can be a lot of work.  To do this well, you will need to stay consistent, user-friendly, and take advantage of helpful tools.

  • A social media manager like HootSuite can help you schedule tweets and monitor conversations for your account – as well as other social media networks.  You can also automatically shorten links, which will help you stay under your character limit and give you a way to track analytics for links that you share.
  • Make sure that you respond to your audience, staying friendly and helpful.  You may encounter unhappy customers, but knowing how to respond with the right tone will be a good sign.

Overall, building a successful Twitter page for your business can be a process.

Use these techniques to kick start your user base and follow through on an excellent opportunity.

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