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Pros and Cons of Choosing HostGator Hosting  for a WordPress Blog

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Thinking about creating a blog is very simple but when you start doing it you will come across certain factors which are important to consider if you have to make your blog good and work well.

Choosing a theme is one [part and choosing the web hosting service is other. A web hosting company plays a very significant role in the creation of a blog.

If you end up choosing a cheap web hosting company and then you will start noticing that your site goes down frequently and takes some time to load up.

So you need to choose Hostgator because many e-commerce companies use HostGator for web hosting and you can also read who is the best e-commerce web hosting companies.

If your site speed is slow, this becomes very frustrating and has a negative impression on the visitors even if your blog is amazing.

So it becomes very necessary to have knowledge of web hosting and to choose the right and best for your blog and site.

Here I will talk about the Hostgator company which is very famous in the market for providing good web hosting services. So here we will see what are the features and services they are offering.

Pros and cons of HostGator

We will look at all the point which should be in a good web hosting package and will be best for new bloggers as well as professionals. first, let us know about the HostGator web hosting company.

Hostgator: Hostgator has been in the market approx 10 years and they still didn’t lose to stand on their promises and services. Many giant companies trust Hostgator for their website and also recommend it to all. Hostgator has gained mass numbers of users trust in these years than other companies.

Essentially, web hosting is a service that is offered by different hosting companies. They host the files of your website so that they’re accessible on the net.

You’ve got a ton of different types of files on your computer, and if you want to open them you just open up the document.

But, if you wanted to show this file to any other person else they’d have to be in your room, of you’d have to send them the same files and documents.

They also offer premium features at a very low cost which will cost you more bucks from other companies. Talking about my personal experience I have been using HostGator for around 3 years and still, I got no issues with it.

Hostgator offers customized plans for different countries like Indian and US. They have looked at the Indian market and come up with the amazing and affordable plans for Indians. They have planned such as shared-hosting, VPS Hosting, cloud hosting.

Now we will see some of the Pros points of HostGator.


1) Available worldwide: HostGator company is present in all states and country. So that makes it so popular among the bloggers. They also have customers support which is there for you whenever you need them

2) Unlimited bandwidth: If you are having a blog or website which are getting huge traffic then you might be facing site down as your servers are unable to handle the traffic because you don’t have enough bandwidth from current provider.

But HostGator will give you unlimited bandwidth from which your site can easily handle a large amount of traffic without going down. That’s why many big sites like FolloMyStep and WikiHow.Info use Hostgator hosting. 

Unlimited storage space: if you have a site in which you  frequently uploading files like music, videos, photos but at some point your server limit will be exceeded and you will not able to upload further that is because other companies provide limited disk space but HostGator provide unlimited storage space where you can freely upload as much as you want.

4) Business email: You will be given 1 business email of your website which will make you look, professional blogger.

5) customer care: what if you will face any kind of problem in your web hosting then you don’t have to get tensed  HostGator provide amazing customer care services to its user and will there for you if you need any kind of solution.

6) Affordable plans: HostGator always provide according to their customers and offers reliable web hosting plans for everyone.

If someone who wants to start their blogging career then HostGator is providing a starter plans which is made for newbies only and there are plans according to the requirements of the blog and users. It comes from starter to business whichever is best for your blog.

7) 30 days offer: HostGator is offering a 30 days money back guarantee which is the best option to take as you can check if the service is best for your blog.

8) WordPress: they have customized Hostgator plans which are designed according to the need of the bloggers and the requirements of the blog. The price of the plans are very affordable and you will get a discount if you are going for a longer duration.


1) no free domain: Hostgator don’t provide any extra features like a free domain for 1 year which are offered by most of the companies as extras with the package.

2) no SSL:  Hostgator don’t offer free SSL certificate with all the packages. Most of the web hosting companies give free SSL certificates as complementary to its users on every new purchase.

3) Themes: Many companies offer free themes for websites and blogs to its users on the purchase but Hostgator don’t provide any free themes.

 So we all now know about the benefits and some disadvantage of Hostgator web hosting companies.


My final words on this are if you have decided to do blogging for a longer period then you should buy the package for at least 1-2 years, doing that will give you some discounts on the package and you will not have to pay more on renewable fee.  Hostgator is still the best choice and have good Fast servers which will handle your site smoothly and will help you to focus on the other important part of the blog.

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