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A Wi-Fi Enabled Dress that Changes Itself in Different Locations

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Wi-Fi has been an amazing invention. You can integrate it into almost anything you wish. And with it, the world soon becomes a connected place. The Wi-Fi has long been a part of different objects; starting from home appliances to free Wi-Fi in hotels, you could find it almost everywhere.

But that’s not all any more. There has been an amazing addition to the world of Wi-Fi now. In fact, it is now finding a place in the world of fashion as well. And it’s not that the ramps are being made Wi-Fi friendly. No, you can’t expect to enjoy free Wi-Fi while sitting in the audience and enjoying a fashion show. But it’s something else. And probably something you had not even expected. It is the attire that’s set to become connected – a Wi-Fi enabled dress is already reality.

Wi-Fi Enabled Attire

The Wi-Fi friendly dresses are no more a thing of the distant future. They are all set to hit the stores soon. In fact, the Wi-Fi Chameleon dresses have been displayed at a fashion event in South Africa and have become quite popular. It has an amazing feature as it can change its patterns. And it is done depending on the geographical location where the person who is wearing the dress is standing. Thus, no matter what color of dress you were wearing when you left the house, you will never appear out of place in any location.

A Dress that Changes Patterns

When the dress was worn at a Style Awards in South Africa, it initially had a glittering night pattern. The design shapes on the dress were mostly square. But when the model wearing it moved to a different location, the dress soon changed its design. It wasn’t long before the audience could see the dress in stripes, just like the zebra. So, this attire has the capability of fitting all moods and every place where it is going to be worn. No matter where you are going, you don’t need to look for separate dresses on a regular basis. The dress will change its shade and make itself fit for the place where you are heading to.

The Ability to Change Colors

Living up to the nickname it has attained, which is a chameleon dress, the attire has the ability to change colors as well. So, it does not matter what the color of the dress is when you are starting out for a party. Depending on the ambiance, the dress will change its shades when you reach there. So, you won’t have to worry a bit when you get there as you are sure to look stunning and beautiful, mixing perfectly in the ambiance.

The Wi-Fi enabled dress has a magic mirror in it, which helps to comprehend the movements and find out the geography. It plays a major role in changing the colors and shades, thus making it a perfect fit for all ambiances and locations.

A Revealing Dress during ‘Close’ Encounters

The Wi-Fi dress has another hot feature as well. It can detect the presence of people close to the person who is wearing it. So, how can you understand that the dress has this ability? It is, in fact, quite interesting to note. The dress usually becomes transparent when you have a ‘close and personal encounter’ with some other person.

A Wi-Fi Hotspot on the Go

As a connected dress, this wearable has something else to offer to the person who wears it as well. It can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot on the go. So, you don’t have to wait eagerly to find some space to find a free Wi-Fi hotspot any more. If you are wearing it, you are carrying a Wi-Fi hotspot with it. So, it won’t be any problem for you any more to connect with the internet while moving around.

Merging the Worlds of Fashion and Technology

The world of Wi-Fi is ever evolving. So, it might not be long before you might see something more attractive and an interesting form of Wi-Fi being introduced. However, as of now, this Wi-Fi enabled dress is all set to rule the roost, both in the world of fashion and the world of technology as well. This attire is, in a way, a step towards bringing the two worlds together, which had not been done before to such an extensive scale. This is likely to help people in future to remain connected by using the Wi-Fi hotspots in their dresses. So, their location would never matter. This dress is likely to lead you towards a world that can remain always connected.

A Look at the Future of Fashion

This dress by MWEB Wi-Fi is like a sneak peek into the future of fashion. It gives a clear view of what the fashion world is going to be like in the future. And it might not be too distant as well. You can expect to see the effects of this blend of fashion and technology any time soon. The companies are also going to grab the opportunity to create such dresses, which will keep the person wearing this dress connected with others even while on the go.

For quite some time now, Wi-Fi has become a craze. And this is especially evident among the people of the present generation. In line with this trend, the young people are expected to be highly enthusiastic about the dress. They will use it to the fullest, so that they can amaze people with the same dress in different shades and patterns. This is likely to drive the popularity of this Wi-Fi enabled dress to an even greater extent and it is expected that the dress won’t take much time to be a craze once it is introduced extensively.



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