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Why Mobile Apps Development Prices Keeps On Changing

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Large businesses are finding mobile apps a good idea for making their reach global but when we talk about small or medium sized organizations, they find these mobile applications a little scary. Those who have their hands on mobile applications for their business growth are facing some extraordinary expenses. In this article we will discuss some of the reasons why the price of these mobile applications keeps on changing.

Platforms that we use

When we talk about mobile platforms, say iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry, all these platforms have different pricing criteria for designing mobile application. No matter what type of mobile platform you use, always go for the mobile applications that you think suit your mobile phone the best. Your phone and the platform will decide the total cost of your mobile app. Everybody knows that iOS is the king and the king is always treated special.

Additional features in the applications

Sometimes the price of the application changes because of the additional features that are added in the application. It is simple – the more you ask for features the more you have to pay. Adding some additional features to your mobile application means making your application more attractive, more advanced and useful. When you add some additional features to your applications you have to pay for those additional features and hence it results in increased price rise.

iOS is the most expensive Mobile App Development

When you work with iOS, iPhone app development becomes the most expensive platform. It asks for a lot of additional charges and when you think of adding some extra features in your iPhone app, you have to pay huge for those extra features. If we talk about designing applications on some other platforms like BlackBerry, Android, and Windows then it will be much less compared to the mobile applications designed for iPhone.

High Revenue Generating Platforms

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that iPhone is costlier as compared to many other platforms but one thing that makes it the most popular is the amount of revenue that it creates. So when you select an iOS for your decision, you are taking the right decision. When you want your mobile application in a compatible mode with all the major platforms then you have to face the unexpected cost.

The end point says

To conclude, we find that there are two major factors that influence the change in the price of the applications – the platform that we are working upon and the additional features that are added. These additional features are also the source of income for the mobile app development. If your income mainly relies on the additional features, then you must invest for this and if you want to only popularize your brand then you need to focus on basic mobile applications. Later on you can create and upgrade the version of your applications.

Have you ever thought of a reason why the price of mobile applications keeps on changing? They do not change without any reason but they change because of their usage and requirements. One more thing that makes them change their price is the type of platform being used.

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