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Is Your Website Single Looking For Visitors? Time For Website Love

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If your website isn’t working for your business, you know it!  There is no traffic.  There is no love.  You are all alone in the World Wide Web. Not even a spider is visiting.

How do you get website love? There are two main avenues here: finding it and keeping it. Like real life, your website needs the love too.

The first part –the finding part is never easy.  Of course in every case of true love, there needs to be chemistry.  You can date a thousand times but never seal the kiss.  Your website can get thousands of visitors but never sell your product! Your website has to be attractive to your audience.  The visitor needs to have emotional connection and chemistry. Sparks need to fly.

The chemistry of website love

We can dig a little bit more here by saying it’s both the way you present yourself and being in the right place.  Again it’s about chemistry.   (Yes alcohol is chemical but that’s not what we’re talking about here!)

Not only does your website need to look good, but you need to get out there! The number one website love rule. You need to be writing on other people’s websites, advertising and more.   Get yourself as a guest on industry specific blogs, podcasts and web shows.

If you are single and not putting yourself out there, just hanging out in your apartment playing videos games and watching “Games of Throne,” than there is very little chance of romance.  Your website needs to get out there and play the field too!

Advertise Your Love

Take a look at your poor lonely website.  Are you yelling from roof tops about your business!  Does it feel your love?  It’s time to do social media, advertise on Google AdSense, Twitter and Facebook.

On the other hand, if you are social on dating website and being proactive, than you have a better chance of meeting your soul mate. The same goes for your website.  Guest posting is another way to get out there!  Hey, that’s what I’m doing here… kind of cool, huh?

Fresh Content

However, if you look like “Grizzly” Adam and haven’t changed your underwear in a week, it might be another issue!  Would you be attracted to someone who has worn the same t-shirt every day for the last ten years?  People don’t like that on your website either. Getting new content is like changing your underwear.

Keep your website up to date and clean.  Focus on what your visitors are looking for.  Impress your visitors as you would your date. Flash your smile and your wit.

Get The Number

After the attraction, make sure they see you again and again. Keep the website love going. Get their email address!

Create a newsletter with Aweber or MailChimp.  You can Google how to do this or get some help. Don’t let them get away! Put the sign up on your website and give them a reason to keep in touch.  Give something for FREE.  Like you would give a date a flower.

Follow these simple tips and your website will be swimming in the sea of love and getting down to business. Then you can spread the love to others and show the world how a once lonely website is now the talk of the town!

Does your website show the love? Share your comment below and let’s talk about taking your lonely website into the spotlight.

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