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Wearable Device Technology: The Scope For Mobile App Developers

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Wearable Technology is a domain that unites computers as well as advanced electronics to create consumer devices that push the limits of technology to a new edge. This technology is still in its infancy, yet it has created a range of products that will help consumers see a new future. Amongst the common wearable devices that are available today are smart watches, fitness trackers, and smart glasses.

Many companies are working on various other technology-embedded wearables such a smart jewellery, ear buds, as well as smart glasses, that will help this market to flourish, once this technology has been mastered by companies worldwide.

Wearable Device Technology: The Scope For Mobile App Developers

Revenues have started pouring in

The flagship companies that have already started moving forward in this area including Apple Watch and Google see this technology as the tool that will create another consumer segment shortly. According to Deloitte, smart glasses, fitness bands, as well as smart watches will sell approximately 10 million units in 2014. These sales will be able to generate revenues worth nearly $ 3 billion. It is worth noting that many investors have committed as much as $458 million to fund wearable technology companies.

A variety of wearable technology devices now available

Today, many of these wearable technology products include devices such as pulse monitors, body posture, walking activity, running, non invasive glucose meters and many others. Amongst the more novel products include baby monitors and smart shirts or biometric smart wear that can record heart rate, footsteps, and calories burnt per day.

Smaller and Efficient

The major advantage that has worked in the favor of wearable technology has been the shrinking size of hardware over the years. With this, the wearable device industry has been able to craft tiny computers that can even be worn next to the skin and can go undetected in usual circumstances. This means that wearable devices have become smaller and even more efficient than ever before.

Controllable through Mobile Apps

Smart wearable devices such as miniature cameras that can be worn on one’s garment itself, and can be controlled via a mobile app. This development is largely due to the availability of better touch screens and higher resolution cameras. Hence, this also opens up another area of mobile app development wherein smart mobile apps will be created especially to control various wearable devices. Such devices have embedded software that can control the device via commands received from the mobile app.

With estimates that the market for wearable devices will go beyond $5 billion in the next five years, it is good to know that the various mobile apps are getting smarter in order to access these wearable devices along with the introduction of better mobile hardware as well.


To conclude, with the world slowly embracing wearable technology it can safely be said that wear-tech is the need of the hour across the entire spectrum of industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment and education. Hence, wearables that are integrated with mobile apps will help bridge the communication gaps as well as increase productivity besides improving work flow and enhancing lifestyles. Since wearable technology is going to be the next big thing, it is imperative that mobile app developers take this development in their stride and gear up for the change.

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