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Upcoming E-Commerce Trends To Attract Customers

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Nobody can deny the importance of a strong online presence. In order to do well in the real world you need to have a strong online existence as it is crucial for your future growth. Although the concept of e-commerce is relatively new, it has greatly influenced the manner in which businesses have been carried out so far. A store which is online on the internet can offer a large variety of items as compared to a real store although the main and basic reason would still be to gain profit on the products.

Here’s a look at the upcoming E-commerce Trends adopted by online retailers:

Free or Discounted Shipping

As more and more e-commerce websites are opening up, retailers are finding unique and innovative ways to sell their products. In the past few years we have seen big names such as L.L Bean launching free shipping on all of their items and Macy’s on buying items equaling $99 or more. As traditional retailers’ major competition is Amazon, they strive to adopt business attracting trends such as free shipping, a generous return policy or a large number of product variety to choose form and unedited feedback of the customers.

In-store Pick up or Pick up Depots

In order to attract more customers to their e-commerce website, big names like Walmart are coming up with unique trends to expand their business. They established an in-store pickup for their orders which were placed online. Sears and Kmart can also offer some products to be home delivered to attain as much business as possible. In places like Florida, Farm Store shoppers can place their orders online and then pick them up at drive through.

Online stores which are relatively on a smaller scale are following another interesting trend. They open selected pick up sites for their customers to get access to their online orders. is such an example.

A Video does the Trick

Another up-coming trend is to add small videos to the e-commerce website to attract more customers. A model displaying the product can be the best way you can show the customers how the product can be used by them. Whether it’s a clothing item or a kitchen accessory, a small video can do wonders for your product.

Daily Deals

An emerging trend to boost the e-commerce world is to add a daily deal to the online website. As soon as the existing or signed users are sent out an email announcing the specially discounted deal, the customers log in as soon as they can to avail the deal. This gives them a chance to explore other products also on your website and can be another creative trend to attract customers to your business.

Social Media Platforms

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are widely used for advertising an e-commerce websites. Users can ‘Like’ the Facebook page of the online store and can also win the ‘Tag and Win’ contests by tagging as many people as possible. This naturally attracts more traffic to any online store and increases the chances of converting potential customers to a large extent. Proper utilization of social media can not only help you in getting more and more leads but can also assist you in your business branding.

As more and more ways of conducting online business in the e-commerce world are being created, only those online businesses which adopt the updated e-commerce trends can survive in the present and in future. Online retailers and market researchers are constantly working on upcoming and emerging trends to sell more and with each passing year we are witnessing more innovating and creative ways to conduct business in the online world.

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