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Twitter Card Establishes A Strong Relationship With eCommerce Brands

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I know how you wish for a magic wand to make your online business more successful. Well 

Twitter cards – what is this all about?

Twitter cards allow you to attach rich media experiences to your tweets that link to your content.

  • Add a few lines of HTML to your webpage.
  • Users who tweet links to your content will receive a CARD added to the tweet and is visible to all their followers.
  • The card helps to represent the content within tweets across web and mobile devices.
  • This helps users to view the URLs posted on Twitter and it, in turn, allows Twitter to direct more traffic to your site or app.

The three basic types of Twitter cards

There are three types of Twitter cards – summary, images, and player. The summary enables the content creators to have tweets for any articles and include headlines, photo, and standfirst. Similarly, the photo allows photo auxiliary and player supported an audio clip or video.

However, the latest additions to the card are gallery, product, and app. Of these, the product card is something that has super-excited the eCommerce merchants. The card option has significantly increased the amount of people who can retweet your content, click on the important links, and check out products. The best way to take utmost advantage of the product card is to:

  • Associate promoted tweets with the expanded ones to enhance exposure of a new product line
  • Include a ‘click to expand’ call to action in the original tweet to confirm maximum visibility of the engagement and function

Merchants find the product card as the first step to enable users to buy directly from Twitter. This could be an excellent source of income for retailers. Interestingly, implementing the Twitter cards in your website allows up to 200 characters for product description and includes other important information about your products. It also includes:

  • Size
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Product location
  • Availability

The brands can give their followers an easy way to share their products with others. Besides, they also allow the followers to view and share your latest promotions, deals, and other exciting offers and incentives without even visiting your website.

Show your new products to your fans

As soon as you launch your new products, spend some more time to come up with an attractive image to go along with your tweet. It will not only make your tweet noticeable in timelines, but will also make it more alluring once your fans get a sneak peak at your new products.

The Seven Wonders of Twitter cards for your brand

#1. Summary card / Summary card for a large image – The summary card can be used for different types of news articles, blog posts, and product description. The card is designed to provide the reader with a preview of the content in a more engaging way. Besides the summary card, you can also find a format that allows you to feature large images above the title and description of the card.

#2. Photo card – The photo card puts your product images in the front and center of the tweet. This means that there are no ways users can ignore your product’s photos due to any distraction.

#3. Gallery card –The gallery card allows you to represent up to four different images within a tweet. The card type is designed to make the users aware of the fact that there are more images than just a single one at the URL.

#4. App card – App card is a great way to represent mobile application on Twitter. App card is designed to allow a name, descriptions, and icon, and to highlight attributes, such as price and ratings of your products. It is great for your about-us page/homepage

#5. Player card – Player card allows streaming media experiences, such as audio, video, and slideshows, and present your content within the Tweet.

#6. Product card – Using a product card is the best way to represent retail items on Twitter and drive sales. As mentioned earlier, this card is designed to showcase your products via images and descriptions and also allows you to highlight other key details about your products.

#7. Twitter’s lead generation card – With its new lead generation cards, you can directly collect email addresses from your tweet. It is observed that when any user expands your tweet, he or she sees a call to action and a description of the offers. The username, email address, and names are already filled within the lead generation card and the users can send the information directly to you by simply clicking a button.

Twitter’s card analytics

The card analytics give you greater insights into your Twitter presence and to see how your multimedia content is performing. It helps you to track things like retweets and clicks. The analytics card helps you to measure a few important metrics, which capture traffic and activity to your site from tweets and conversation from the Twitter users. This feature also enables you to see how your different card types are performing and find out which influencers are sharing your content.

So what are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits of Twitter cards for your brands as soon as possible.

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