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Top 10 Most Affordable Event Management Software

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Event Management Software is a comprehensive application that helps in seamless management of any events such as exhibitions, conferences, celebrations, corporate meetings, conventions, seminars, etc. Its innovative modules, dynamic features, and advanced technology enable the event managers to plan, organize, and execute events flawlessly. Using the software, event planners can streamline their work process, increase staff efficiency, and improve the productivity of the event management firms.

Most event management companies have two kinds of employees — regular and event-based. Regular employees are the consistent part of an organization, whereas, the event-based people are only hired for certain events. Based on the availability of human resources, the latter keeps changing. And with an event management software, managers can efficiently maintain both the employee groups, preserve contacts, and hire the right people, as and when required.

While purchasing an event management software, managers must look for cost-efficient solutions. And to help them in making the best choices, here is the list of top 10 event management software that goes extremely low on pockets.

#1.. Google Drive

Planning and management have never been as easy as with Google Drive. The father of all planning and project management solutions, Google Drive also works wonders for managing events. Event heads can use the documents, folders, and spreadsheets of the software and ensure a consistent flow of work, from a single platform. At the same time, they can collaborate with their team, put down execution plans and ideas, and monitor things using the software. Easy-to-use and highly flexible, Google Drive is the best that one can use.

#2. Eventbrite

Another amazingly cost-efficient software, Eventbrite is a great option for managing event registrations and selling tickets. It is easy-to-install and works very fast. Managing every nook and corner of event becomes a lot easier with Eventbrite. It’s highly customizable features and integrated modules allow managers to promote event details on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using this, they can simplify event planning, grow their events, and monitor sales. From music festivals to business conferences, the software perfectly fits within the specific event requirements and delivers best results.

#3. Allcal

Very interactive and engaging; Allcall works like a shared calendar giving access to multiple users. It’s the best option for organizing large-scale events where too many people are involved in planning, developing, and executing event plans. Its calendar-like feature allows the managers to schedule their events, monitor activities, and stick to timelines. Users can work with the software from their mobile devices. It gives real-time updates, integrates with websites, and binds everyone through its chat system.

#4. Trello

Trello is a good software for managing events that involve collaborative efforts from various teams- marketing, design, web, etc. It’s the most useful solution for conducting online events like webinars. A flexible application, it keeps everyone informed about all activities related to event planning and production. Event heads along with the management boards of organizations can be in the same line and maintain consistent collaboration to see where the event is heading. At any given time, they can interrupt, propose necessary changes, and drive towards the successful planning of any event.

#5. Cvent

One-stop solution for complete management of events, Cvent is an excellent choice. With its integrated features and cloud technology, the software helps the event planners to simplify their work procedure and execute work, with maximum productivity. Using the software, event managers can find the right venues that will perfectly match the event profile. Its innovative tools make event planning an easier job. Event heads can also engage their attendees, measure the results of event, and assess the effectiveness of their event strategies.

#6. Eventleaf

Not just managing events, but also creating attractive event websites is what Eventleaf promises its users. It’s easy-to-integrate features and dynamic modules make space for seamless interactions, event promotions on websites, online ticket sales, and customized registration forms. With the help of this application, event managers can also track staff attendance and calculate wages. From maintaining guest lists to boosting social media promotion; Eventleaf helps in all-round management of exhibitions, meetings, and any other events.

#7. Eventboost

Extremely flexible and user-friendly software, Eventboost is a new-age event application, best suited for small and medium-scale events. It’s easy-to-use features account for a different experience for the event planners. Using this software, event heads can send invitations through emails, register event attendees, conduct regular follow-ups with guests, share event details on social networking platforms, and sales tickets; all in just one click. The software is compatible with desktop as well as mobile devices. Supporting Android, Cloud, and Windows, Eventboost unifies work procedure and help in easy management of events.

#8. Etouches

Registering events, making floor plans, assigning tasks to the right resource, and strictly adhering to timelines is more than possible with Etouches. The modern event management application runs on cloud and provides great flexibility to the event managers. Etouches allows people to work on-the-go and access documents and files from any devices. It offers excellent networking and communication facilities, makes things faster, and improves the productivity of event workers. From marketing events to keeping a check on logistics; Etouches helps in all the aspects of event management. It is a one-in-all software that simplifies the event management cycle.

#9. Oveit

Another interesting cloud-based software, Oveit helps in proficient management of events. It easily integrates with event websites and preserves a large amount of data within its databases. With its awesome tools, event managers can integrate their event registration module right into their website. Simultaneously, they can create custom registration forms, choose multiple pricing options, arrange maps for seating arrangement, and pack multiple perks in just one ticket. Being a cloud software, there’s no doubt about its affordability. Above all, it is convenient, flexible, and user-friendly.

#10. Azavista

Last nonetheless the least, Azavista works for events, of all sizes. From small business conventions to the grand wedding celebrations; its flexibility, dynamics, and integration are incomparable to other available choices. Azavista makes a great platform for planning a series of events and scheduling the minutes. It has a drag-and-drop functionality that helps event organizers to track real-time progress, and make the necessary changes in event plans. Besides these, the software offers multi-lingual support and simple user-interface.


To sum it up, features, flexibility and fast-paced technology are some crucial factors for choosing the right event management software. And together with affordability; these are the best choices in today’s market. These are easy-to-use, highly compatible, and deliver productive solutions for professional event management.

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