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Top 10 Blogging Tools To Boost Your Productivity

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You’ve just created a good-looking blog website. You are full of excitement and inclination to manage your blogging activities. You are cramped with bright ideas and potential to reach the acme of your blogging skills.

You have to write epic content. You have to make blog commenting on authority blog websites to improve your brand. You have to network on social media. You have to boost an amount of readers on your blog. You have to follow other popular bloggers. Wow, it is the biggest challenge, isn’t it? Have you ever asked yourself about having enough time? I guess, yes.

Time becomes the root of your blogging activity.

We are not those down-hearted guys that will say we don’t have enough time. We are those guys who will find the ways to make your blogging productive and simple.

In this post I would like to share 10 productivity tools that I am using to run my own blog.

#1. AWeber

It is one of my favourite email subscription services that helps you to connect with your readers via email. Running a blog is a vital step to use email newsletters to chat with your audience. It is really simple and effective to work with online and it is no doubt an indispensable tool to manage your blog.

#2. SE Ranking

It is a rank tracking tool that helps to check my website traffic, average position, get blog statistics via Google Analytics and find out crawling diagnostic errors. I love its online marketing plan, snippet checking and competitor’s monitoring. You can easily use this tool on mobile devices with free apps on Android and iOS. You just need to sign up and start using the tool at once.

#3. Dropbox

It is one of the best cloud storage tools that I’ve ever used before and it is pretty easy to use. You just need to register, download the software and save all files in your Dropbox folder. You can easily share the files with others and you don’t need to worry about your laptop. Everything is backed up. The files are synchronized and you can access them at any time wherever you are, on your mobile device, desktop or though the web browser.

#4. Evernote

It is a note taking tool that assists you to make and share notes. It is easy to use on your laptop, mobile device and web browser. If you use the Chrome browser you can get it from the web and save to the Evernote account. All notes are synchronized within your account. This software helps you to stay more organized.


#5. LastPass

It is a great password management tool that allows to save all your passwords and is supported on different devices. It works with Windows, Linux, Mac desktop software and Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari browser extensions. When you get multiple accounts on the main website it will help to keep them and work more productively. You just need to type your password and you will be suggested to save a password. You can use auto-fill detail and select your account before logging in.

#6. Grammarly

If you write a lot of content it is important to get a good online tool to check whether the content contains correct grammar, spelling, style, sentence structure and other mistakes. It is a good tool that will improve your posts and will show what you have to change and why.

#7. Buffer

It is a managing social media application that allows to pre-schedule social media updates and discover good content to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. You can also share your posts via the Buffer account, the mobile app or the web browser extension. You can decide when you want your updates to be shared from your account.


#8. Topsy

It is one of the best realtime search engine tools that works at any time about search engine results based on the most famous blogger influencers with daily specific topics, terms and queries. I get a bunch of killer ideas that make people read your posts. You just need to type your query and you will get the possible options on the screen. It is a perfect place for blogger outreach.

#9. Canva

It is an awesome image editing tool that helps to make fabulous and good-looking graphics and images for your blog. It makes you work faster and more productively to create images for blog posts, infographics, social media graphics and presentations.


#10. Trello

It is a great project management tool to curate your projects, create lists and add notes and cards to your list. You can specify a due day, attach files, checklists and make descriptions. It allows you to manage tasks for a project with details. It is easy to navigate and use plus you can manage it on different devices to make your project tasks quicker too.

Blogging is a tough world to break into. You should use the useful tools mentioned to enjoy your blogging journey.


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