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These Android’s Viruses Force You Into Updating Your Antivirus Regularly

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Android smartphones are becoming more popular in the market. Android smartphones are usually sold at a cheaper price than the smartphones with other operating systems. Android has the advantage related to it’s open-source nature. You can download a variety of free applications through the Google Play Store provided by the

Trojan Obad

This virus is highly virulent and can attack your PC and tablet. Kaspersky as one of the world-renowned antivirus manufacturers has difficulty in repelling the virus. Trojan Obad is able to get into the operating system by using some complicated symbols that are difficult to detect. The Obad Trojan virus is able to hide on the sidelines of the internal code of the Android operating system. Kaspersky is able to minimize the risk of Trojan Obad but has not been able to completely eliminate it.

The negative effect caused by this virus is to make the user lose their phone credit in significant amounts and of course this has a very detrimental outcome. The Trojan Obad is directing users to sites that give a wide range of free applications. One way to prevent this virus attack is to turn off the Bluetooth feature when you’re in a foreign area, because the virus is able to spread easily via Bluetooth networks.

Andr / BBridge-A

This virus will install additional applications without your knowledge. In other words, you get rid of this virus as the only person who has the full authority to control your smartphone. The resulting negative effect of the virus is making you sending an SMS repeatedly without you knowing it. This will make you lose your phone credit easily.

Andr / BatteryD-A

This virus damages the battery system on an Android phone by sending important information from your smartphone or making  download process without permission. This virus can display a variety of advertising that is very annoying. The resulting consequence is you will lose your battery durability, and you are forced to carry a charger wherever you go.

Hipposms Virus

This virus makes you continue to receive premium SMS’s. It takes your authority in sending and receiving SMS. The virus is very popular in China, and the best way to prevent this is using the best antivirus software.

Andr / Drsheep-A

The virus attacks a variety of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. You will see your account making updates automatically. This virus attacks your social media network, requiring you to install the latest antivirus regularly.

Choosing antivirus software as a part of managing Internet Security

Now we will discuss some viewpoints in the selection of appropriate antivirus tools for the OS you are using. The increasing number of antivirus products available on the market will certainly make us confused and we need time to compare them.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right antivirus tool as part of the implementation of Internet Security.

#1. Scope of Protection

Most security applications are implementing multi-layered protection, and maximum security, some of which are also very dense compared to others. A good antivirus, besides applying the model of protection in the old way, is using more sophisticated protection to defend against keyloggers, phishing scam, email-borne threat and rootkits. In principle, a security device must be able to provide protection from threats as much as possible.

#2. Effectiveness

Antivirus is a software that protects the computer from all forms of attack. But that does not mean sacrificing the protection of data and computer performance, causing problems for the computer itself. Effective antivirus is one that can work alone, do detection proactively, and not losing the memory so that the computer can still be used for work while the antivirus performs its function.

Business and professional users would require effective antivirus tools. They, or you, can get information about choosing the recommended Internet security suites by visiting the top 10 internet security suites.

#3. Detection Capability

A security software detection capability is a vital function for antivirus software. So far, the proactive detection capabilities are real time with false positives owned only by a handful of antivirus software. You need to choose a lightweight antivirus software, to scan more quickly, with minimal false positives, and the most important thing is – do not interfere with the performance of the computer.

#4. Process Easy Installation and Setup

Software security should not complicate the user and capable of protecting 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Malware and viruses never sleep, and will always threaten the Internet and your computer. Antivirus software implementation process should be done quickly and easily.

#5. Features Available

A structured set will make the software easier to use and will not mislead users. The more complete features are will make every user feel safe and protected, because there are many protected aspects while working or playing online games.

#6. Real Time Update

Security applications are at peak performance when getting the latest updates, including the signature of viruses that have been identified stored in the signature database. Now, modern antivirus security devices have been equipped with automatic updates real time. Quality antivirus software will ask you to update as soon as updates are available.

#7. Post-Purchase Services

Reliable antivirus software will certainly complement the application with the support and help of manual use, troubleshooting and other supports needed. Security is obtained not only by the software itself, but also by the availability of technical assistance and troubleshooting manuals that can save the user when a problem occurs.

#8. Accessibility of Technical Assistance

Ease in reaching technical support is also an important consideration, therefore consider how to reach technical support, and whether technical assistance can be easily understood, or can be reached by telephone, e-mail, and chat.

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