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Ten Facebook Statistics For The Best Customer Engagement Practice

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Do you know that Facebook is the biggest social media network? Well, you’ve no idea how big it is! Over one billion people use Facebook. Isn’t this crazy?  Not only is the network a great medium for people to socialize, but it is crucial for online retailing. As customer engagement is becoming essential to business success, so does the use of Facebook. Just think about it – almost two in every seven human beings on the planet has a Facebook account.

It is simply the biggest marketing channel you cannot afford to ignore, especially if you are an online merchant. I’m sure you are aware of this, but what you do not know is the Facebook statistics.

Did you know?

# 1. 62% of online shoppers read the comments related to products that their friends share on Facebook:

Remember one thing – people always want to know about the product before they buy it. Word of mouth is the trusted form of media for them. Around 84% of people believe what others say about a product. Therefore, start encouraging people to write reviews and comments of your products.

# 2. 35% of Facebook fans ‘LIKE’ a page so that they can participate in contests:

If you are looking for new fans for your venture, a contest seems to be the perfect way to encourage likes. Research has shown that 35% of Facebook fans like Facebook pages to compete in contests. These contests enhance the interaction by asking people to enter and participate. Contests bring in 5.5 times more comments and reviews than regular posts.

# 3. 56% of the online shoppers click the ‘LIKE’ buttons related to products:

If you are spending sleepless nights thinking about how you can make your website and product pages more shareable then there is a quick solution to it. The majority of shoppers click on the LIKE button and the update goes straight into the news feed of their friends and family, therefore opening up access for more prospects.

# 4. 42% of fans like a page to obtain a discount coupon:

According to the study by Wildfire Interactive, it showed that all the coupon-based campaigns received the highest engagement rate. The next highest engaging post types, after the discount coupon, are sweepstakes and giveaways. So that is another opportunity to get more customers for your products.

# 5. 70% of the B2C marketers have obtained customers through Facebook:

Have you ever checked your conversion strategy? Have you looked into how many steps lie between a fan clicking your link and actually making a purchase? If you are wondering if your time is being well spent updating your company’s page then this is an insight you must look into. The more friction you eliminate, the better off you will be.

# 6. With the 139% increase in post virality, surveys on Facebook deliver more than any type of posts:

The reality is, people love sharing their opinion and providing their take on something. Survey posts made up to 1.5% of total posts. So this is a chance to increase your fans and hopefully provide their feedback more often.

# 7. 33% of the comments can be increased using emoticons:

If you think the emoticon is only for the teenagers, you need to have a rethink. Emoticons can make a big difference to the audience engagement rate. Not only do posts with emoticons get 33% more comments but also receive 33% more shares. In addition, they also get 57% of LIKEs more often than the posts without any emoticons.

# 8. 39% of interaction comes through photo posts:

Photo posts account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook. They get more engagement than videos, text-based updates or links. According to Kissmetrics, your product photos can get 104% more comments, 53% more likes and 84% more click throughs on links when compared to text-based posts. Moreover, self-explanatory photos perform the best.

# 9. 127% of posts by consumer brands are more viral than retail brands:

Consumer brands score more likes and shares and have a greater chance of having their posts go viral when compared to retail brands. The reason is the retail brand can get caught up on sales and promotional content. Moreover, retail brands post 30% more than consumer brands.

# 10. 79% of eCommerce businesses prefer Facebook as their social media log in:

Facebook drives the highest click-throughs and makes sure that the landing page is optimized for conversion. The network has built in a level of obsession and addiction like no other platform. If you are struggling to figure out where to devote your social media resources then Facebook is a good choice.

Now that you know how big Facebook is and what the social network can mean for your business, it’s high time that you start exploiting this platform for your online venture.

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