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Social Login To Tweak Today’s Prosperous eCommerce

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There is no reason for an online customer to appreciate filling registration forms to get into your eCommerce site. Honestly speaking, they hate this process of pre-filled fields. You can enrich your customer dataset with social factor.  I am not talking about the common social media features here. Bridge the gap between an eCommerce login and social login with Addshopper’s new release of  ‘social shopper’s login’.

What it is all about?

This is one of the powerful tools to combat conversion-killing registration forms and allow a smooth sign in for your customers. Social shopper’s login allows customers to login to your website by simply using their account information from Twitter, Facebook, Amazon or even Google PayPal.

As already mentioned before, most of the customers abandon their shopping carts as they are forced to create an account during checkout. In addition to this, there are several other reasons for their annoyance. It can be the security concerns as well as hidden costs and high delivery charges that stop them from making a purchase from online stores.

How does it solve your problem?

It is obvious that anyone who would search your site for a purchase would be quite infuriated if they have to register for a new account, remember the password and recheck their entries. Coupled with this, is the tedious task of filling the billing address, shipping address, name and email. No wonder the majority of the customers abandon the shopping cart or end up creating a wrong or an unfinished user account. This results in lower margin because of lack of Remarketing efforts.

But how does social shopper’s login help to solve their problem? Social login completely abolishes this problem by minimizing registration with just a couple of clicks. They allow your customer to create an account with the information stored in their existing social networking account.  All you have to do is pull out the data available from whatever profile the customer is logged in and accordingly populate the form fields, thereby reducing the boring task of filling form fields. This new Addshopper’s feature allows an eCommerce merchant to  login and acquire user details from the user’s Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon or PayPal profiles.

How does social shopper’s login work?

It simply works via linking logins from one or more social networking sites to your eCommerce site through the use of plugins or widgets thereby refuting the need for a new consumer to register their details.  It has been observed that nearly 41% of consumers prefer to login to an online store through their social networking site.

Is it beneficial for your eCommerce venture?

Without any doubt, yes it is. Social login helps to provide customers with an easy one click mode to access your website using their preferred social identity. They do not have to take the burden of creating and storing passwords thus making the registration process much safer and effortless.

The tool also makes sharing your favorite products much easier; since the users are already signed in. The sign-in also adds valuable information for the online merchants such as the customer’s birth date, their interests and their likes and dislikes. The process also enables the visitors to like, comment and share more about your site and its products they find interesting and expand your business reach and users’ engagement.

With such social data you can customize your store based on the consumer’s likes and interests. Moreover, it also allows the customers to connect to their friends from within your store through their access to the social graph.  Also by integrating social data, you can streamline your workflow into your Customer-Relationship Management and Automated Marketing Systems among others.

Check out some of the common social logins:

Social media button:

Social Media Button


Social sign-in button:

Social Sign-in Button

Glossy social buttons:

Glossy social buttons



Social media bookmark icons:

Social media bookmark icons

With more and more of us spending time on social networking sites the next logical step has to be social login for your eCommerce success.

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