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Are Rugged Laptops Truly Durable and Value-for-Money?

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If you’ve been there, you know how frightening and disastrous it can be. It’s not hard for you to imagine dropping your prized laptop and having it fall to a state that’s beyond repair. Needless to say, there’s no coming back from that. What was once known as your workplace away from the office and your sacred information storage no longer exists after that point. It’s a sad and tragic moment no one wants to experience and can lead to extreme (and often expensive) measures.

Top tech brands boast of some special highly durable, shock-proof, adverse weather friendly laptops in their portfolio that are impervious to the everyday dangers posed by gravity, fire, water, etc. Ever wondered if those devices really make sense in the real practical world?

Are Rugged Laptops Truly Durable and Value-for-Money?

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According to Businesswire, a large percentage of people in the workforce now spend more time on the road than in the confines of an office. Fortunately, there’s such a thing known as rugged laptops that can endure highly stressful situations and strain put on them in tempestuous environments. Unlike your typical laptop or mobile device that can break or give out at the first sign of conflict, these gadgets are specifically created to withstand chaotic atmospheres. You’ll find their resiliency is one of a kind and allows you to achieve your most challenging goals. Whether you’re in the thick of an intense business function in an area that’s not too technologically friendly or you’re building stamina during a leisurely activity and want to keep your personal laptop close to you because its part of the entertainment, you can count on the right ruggedized laptops to get you through.

Durable Features

It’s no fun having to witness your laptop die when exposed to crude conditions. The impact can cause major setbacks due to loss of important files and inability to gain access to the Internet when you need it most. This inconvenience can turn into a heavy burden and eventually takes a toll on both your business and personal life if not resolved soon.

It’s imperative to have an unbreakable laptop, especially if you know you’re frequently exposed to risky atmospheres that can be a potential danger to your equipment. Otherwise, you leave yourself open to a wide range of threats like spills, falls, electrical disaster, and many more related scenarios.

Sources admit that as technology continues to evolve and become smaller in size, manufacturers are taking special care to make the majority of computing devices more durable.  Still, you need an unrivalled outdoor laptop that’s hardy in nature with an exterior that’s built to last and protects the internal hardware. Keep in mind that the keyboard, hard disk, and the display are the easiest to harm when it comes to using traditional technical notebooks.The hardcore vigor of rugged laptops, however, prevents these vulnerable areas from being destructed.

Not only are these gadgets equipped with unbreakable magnesium cases that helps them endure falls from heights up to 76 cm without incurring damage, but they also have a well-crafted damage system that keeps them from malfunctioning after accidental drink spillages. Liquid simply flows right through the drainage channels, allowing you another chance to operate your computer without disturbance.

Additionally, tests have proven that rugged laptops like the Panasonic Toughbook for example, can take huge amounts of pressure and overload without faltering. The sensitive LCD display which is safe from breakage, and the hard disk isn’t hurt by external shocks or vibrations that can cause other less endowed gadgets to immediately shut down. The ruggedized laptops come with shock-absorbing pads that consist of specialized tech components made for blocking out occurrences that could be toxic.


Eweek also states that these rare rugged laptops are highly secure with the help of cable lock slots and optional fingerprint. To be more in charge of who can access or view your information, you can also opt to invest in ones with insertable and contactless smart card readers. Experts have supported the argument for the necessity of these tough devices, and the applications suggest the same as well. Most environments where data needs to be kept encrypted secure, devices like the Toughbooks and Toughpads have an inexplicable quality – they are highly significant, not just as the rudimentary utilities.

Consistency When Least Expected

Many highly functioning laptops that are considered semi rugged have non-breakable plastic seal covers that protect vital interfaces and internal connections as well. You benefit from a keypad that’s both scratch resistant and water resistant. Thus, you’re able to get more done regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Finally, gadgets that are considered fully ruggedized offer the maximum protection against injury. These laptops are able to withstand extremely hazardous circumstances, like falls from heights up to 90 cm. They also still function the same when confronted with lots of dust or liquid spillage acquired during fieldwork or even daily office work circumstance because of a unique protective coating.

And, don’t worry if you’re stuck in an area with extreme temperatures. Fully ruggedized laptops operate at -20 degrees Celsius to 60+ degrees Celsius without any problems. You might find the team crews in Formula One racing using these devices owing to their tough make-up and shock-proof abilities. Intelligence agencies are reliant on these sophisticated computers, police departments make a good utilization of armored laptops, which provides a different outlook to the application of rugged notebooks and tablets.

Helpful Accessories

Even an unbreakable laptop isn’t complete without the right accessories to make it more attractive and easy to use. The most common and desirable additions include, but aren’t limited to, mass storage, mains adaptors, docking stations, battery chargers, and security software.

Technology and intelligent accessories complement each other,  and work in tandem most of the times. Most of the accessories are common, and could be used on these rough-and-tough laptops. This works well with almost everything you could lay your hands on – bluetooth headsets, external portable hard disks, gaming keyboards and mouse, projectors, scanners, etc. which underline their reliability.


In all fairness, we could safely assume that these rugged devices aren’t a marketing gimmick, and are as serious as a reliable device should be. The marketing campaigns may seem downright outrageous, but the technology is very much tangible and means business!

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