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Revolution of IoT in the Fashion Industry

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The internet of things (IoT) has created quite a storm in the world of science and technology. It has its great influence in the fashion industry aswell. IoT in the fashion industry enhances the fashion to a great extent. It is the interconnectivity of various devices, also known as smart devices, with the other components which are impregnated with software, sensor, electronics, network connectivity and actuators.

These components help the smart devices to collect and transfer data. IoT enables the objects to be accessed remotely beyond the existing network framework. It involves the assimilation of the substantial world with the computer related systems, which elevates the accuracy of the information, also reducing the human mediation, resulting in economic benefit.

Influence of IoT in the Trade of Fashion

With growing time, fashion is taking a new dimension. Page 3 is loaded with new implementations every day and IoT in fashion industry is the blazing topic of recent times. Practical implementation of this technology is remarkable. The Supply Chain Management (SCM), which is the backbone of the fashion industry, is a hierarchy of manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, retailer, and customer. Every level involves minute scrutinising and proper management. To meet the requirements, the division of work is very important.

IoT empowers you to have a clear picture of the raw materials that are being processed in the production course and helps obtain every minute detail of the manufacturing process. When the data is put into the system, the production administrator is able to see the quantity and location of the allocated materials. The tracking starts from the factory itself. A signal is being received every time the fabric moves. From loading the fabric in the truck to its arrival in the factory, each and every step can be monitored without involving any manpower.

Since last year, a new fashion has evolved, a technology that can be carried with you all the time, even at the time of workout, swimming or sleeping. The smart watches and fitness trackers have captured the market in an enormous way.

New Technological Innovations in the Fashion Industry

After the success of these gadgets, a new concept of dresses and accessories has been launched that is fashionable as well as captivating. The red carpet can be sizzled by wearing glowing attire. Glowing literally means glowing, by introducing LED bulbs in the fabric of the garment. One can make the ramp vivid with this luminous dress. With changing time, the concept of fashion is also becoming dynamic.

These innovative concepts are being launched from an esteemed platform, which makes it more popular. iPhone dress was launched in New York fashion week and the Tinker Bell Dress in Peter Pan was made up of optic substance that glowed in dark.

IoT in the fashion industry has been influencing and motivating us for a long time. Lauren Bowker, a fashion designer who is born and brought up in a place where women were considered as a witch and killed. She overgrew from that place and came up with a concept of changing colours in both hair and garments. It’s a magnificent technology in which the fabric of the attire changes patterns and colours, with the changing mood. The dress comprises of technology that captures the mood swings by expounding the human magnetism. It records the brainwaves and the colour of the attire changes accordingly. It is not only technologically marvellous but is impregnated with 4,000 piece gems and stones to make it a show stealer.

Garments and Gadgets Go Hand In Hand in IoT

Smart watches are a reincarnation of the pager. It shows messages and phone calls, even if you are in a meeting and unable to take calls, you will at least know who called and messaged.

The only mantra of the present generation is to stay fit and healthy. To stay healthy, tracking the calorie intake and output is very important, which is easily done by the fitness trackers. Tag Heuer has declared the launch of accessories and gadgets that are powered by IoT. These are the advanced form of fitness trackers and smart watches.

The IoT induced jewellery is the next launch, where it will record the vibrations of the body and will send notifications to signal any danger. June bracelet is the example of this fantastic technology; these record the sun exposure of the wearer. The next innovation in this chain is the Intel’s MICA bracelet and spider dress. It reflects the feeling of the person. They are the combination of sensors and artificial intelligence that represents the inner feeling of a person. The best is its defence part. The legs of the spider strike anyone who comes dangerously close to you. It is even helpful in making space for you in a crowded public place.

Alluring and Fashionable Trends

The attires and the gadgets are not only technically sound but also are immensely stylish. This helps you to create your own style statement. Internet of Things is the fashion designer in these cases. The clothing can be connected using this amazing technology. It has created a fresh way of communication via connecting clothes. It’s a unique mode of communication that has created a fresh ambience of sensors.

With the fast and furious rate of the advancing technology, it is hard to anticipate the terminal of IoT in fashion industry. There might come a day when our whole body will be networked with sensors. Starting from neck piece, finger rings, earrings or even lingerie’s can also be powered by the internet of things.

With the up-gradation of fashion in red carpet and fashion shows, normal people walking on the roads and pavements need to modify themselves. Therefore, it is evident that this extremely intellectual technology has not been able to reach a great segment of people.

Contemporary fashion needs to be changed in order to embrace Internet of things in our lives. This extravagant technology is our future. It depends on us how we bend the path of success and welcome the resplendent tomorrow.

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