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Why Is PSD To HTML Conversion Booming!

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PSD to HTML conversion is trending… and that too for all the right reasons. Gone are the days when web design was based on complex HyperText Markup Language templates – goodness; that even sounds complex! However, now it’s about converting Photoshop documents (PSDs) – digital imagery and pixels into HTML. or CSS codes which can then be utilized to develop web pages through slicing and processing under the strict regulation of W3C standards.

Alright, so PSD to HTML conversion really is just another way to make a website, but why is it gaining so much popularity as it technically adds more manpower (PSDs just don’t magically appear you know) into the entire process when most digital brands are trying their level best to cut down costs. A better question would be as to why is it gaining favour even for core minded technicians.

Simply put, because PSD to HTML conversion is the best way to design web pages that are – to avoid being inappropriate – ‘plain’ awesome!’ And of course… the more important one… it’s a lot easier.

Conventional methods are tedious

Conventional methods of web page designing and development involved templates based on complex HTML codes which were – and still are – not only hard to write, but equally tedious to obtain… talk about overly excessive downloading! And even after being downloaded, they require further editing to be customized to a new checklist of requirements.

Generating HTML codes out of PSDs on the other hand is just a matter of a few clicks. So I guess it would be safe to say that adding a graphic designer to a web page development team may add another name on the company’s payroll, but it definitely optimizes the time spent on the whole process thus making it more cost effective and easy to develop.

Digital artistes

And did I just say graphic designer? Sorry I meant ‘digital artiste!’ The best aspect of PSD to HTML conversion – and probably the main reason why it is trending so much – is the incorporation of graphics and visuals to personalize web design to virtually endless possibilities.

Traditionally, people trained in HTML coding had a significant amount of control on web page development as they were the ones who had an understanding of the language better than anyone else. Now, the ‘power’ is in the hands of the graphic designer… or his pen! Digital artistes – as I would like to call them – tend to have better aesthetics than your average traditional HTML coder, and thus come up with better solutions and options to make web pages more digitally appealing. With the conversion of PSD based graphics, developers are also able to provide pixel-perfect layouts with high quality visuals on websites.

Digital architecture

In fact, it’s not just about pixel quality and perfection, PSD conversion also allows web developers to provide clean and well structured web architecture. Digital architecture is of course a lot more relevant now; not only do websites have to be interactive, they need to be responsive to a larger number of devices as well… smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc and technology never stops evolving! The creation of mobile websites and applications is a lot easier with PSD to HTML conversion.

WordPress and Joomla

Also, did you know that PSD to HTML conversions are a lot more easily translatable onto an open source website creation tool such as WordPress or Joomla? Okay… this….. is HUGE! WordPress started as just a blogging website, but over the years has evolved to be used as a complete content management system and so much more through the thousands of plug-ins ,widgets and themes within it.

Now we all know what you can do with WordPress; host a blog full of your unnecessary ramblings no one gives a damn about or a Fortune 500 website without actually paying anyone a license fee, but knowing that you can use your PSDs to customize you web page all the way limits its usage only by your imagination… and tech chops of course. I guess its comes as no surprise that WordPress has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

SEO friendly

And lastly; PSD to HTML conversion makes digital content SEO-friendly and as a result helps bringing in more visitors to a PSD based website. Now I have no idea how that happens, but I’m pretty sure that if PSD to HTML conversion is trending, there is a logical explanation!

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