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All New iOS 9 Update: 10 Most Needed Improvements

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After releasing iOS 8 in the year 2014, Apple is ready to launch the next big operating system, iOS 9. This 64-bit system which is going to be the most powerful operating system in the world is expected to be launched later this year.

The main focus of Apple in iOS 9 would be on the stability and performance. Apple has taken a sensible decision to not add many features in the previous versions of operating systems and took the time to optimize them more in order to make the next OS more stable. iOS launched iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year that offered an array of advanced features for the users. There were few layout tweaks and includes various additions like HomeKit creation, touch ID, etc.

iOS 9 will be available as a beta version in order to check the stability. Apple is also planning to keep the size of the operating system manageable.

These are the iOS 9 features that are being speculated:

  • Actionable push services. Users are expecting actionable push services in it. This will allow the users to immediately access all the notifications.
  • iDroid based application. Apple is going to feature a simulator to emulate the features of the Android OS. iPhone devices would be able to provide iDroid experience to its users.
  • Effective iFile manager. Apple has implemented a true file manager app. This allows the user to share the files and allow access to iTunes also.
  • Business and office apps. Real time accessibility is what is needed from iOS 9. Business concerns like CRM are expected to be addressed in the new iOS.
  • Split screen multi-tasking. This feature was a strong rumor before the launch of iOS 8. It is again in talks that iOS 9 will be the one that will support split screen multi-tasking for the users.
  • Battery saving mode. There are many mobile brands that come with a power saving mode. Now users are expecting the same in iOS 9 as well. Turning on the power saving mode turns off all the unnecessary background apps that may consume more battery.

iOS 8 was one of the most ambitious updates by Apple in terms of new features. A number of new tools were made available to the developers. iOS 8 and the previous version have given many decent features to the users.

The users are waiting for many more features in iOS 9 this year. Let’s look at some of the features that Apple needs to include in the new OS in order to make it more useful and stable than the previous versions.

#1. Map improvements

Maps were featured in iOS 6 in the year 2012 and there are not a lot of changes seen till date in the app. There is no doubt that the data available in the app is clear and accurate, but still it lacks certain complex features that can be seen in the master app – Google maps.

There should be data improvements in the app in iOS 9. There are assumptions that the new OS will bring public transport directions in the app. Developers are trying to add more stability and accuracy in the app.

#2. Weather app

The weather app was launched in iOS 7 and this was one of the most stunning climatic apps available in the app store. It works great for the iPhone, but it could not work great for an iPad. There is a hope that the new operating system will come with a better weather app for the users that will be stable for both iPhone and iPad.

#3. 3rd party apps

3rd party apps were expected to be in every version of the iOS, but it is now sure that these will come in the latest operating system, this year. These apps handle the mobile devices in a better way and if Apple decides to replace the standard apps with the 3rd party apps by default, then it is sure that iOS 9 will be adding new wonders to the user experience. Having 3rd party apps is a wish list feature in the new version of the operating system.

#4. Customization of the control center

Control center came with iOS 7 version. The users just need to swipe up from the screen’s bottom in order to toggle between Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, etc. There will also be icons shortcut like camera, music controls, flashlight, etc.

The control center is also one of the wish list features of iOS9. It is expected that the shortcut icons can be customized according to the user’s choice. The control center is the most productive function that was incorporated in iOS 7.

#5. iCloud drive app

iCloud drive feature first came in iOS 8 and it was an attempt to make sure the solutions for cloud file management works better. All the files can be managed and browsed from the iCloud drive on a Mac operating system. The files can be accessed just like any other folder in the system.

Users are expecting Apple to launch iCloud drive file manager app in the coming version of the operating system.

#6. Password protected apps

The apps can be protected using a password and they can be only opened, if the user knows the pin to open the app. It is comfortable to add a pin to the apps as it allows the user to give their mobile device to other users without any hesitation as the other user will not be able to open the app without the correct pin.

There are some developers that do not add Touch ID support to their apps, but users are expecting this feature in the new operating system now.

#7. Ability to merge Apple IDs

The ability to merge Apple IDs is not an iOS 9 feature, but this is going to benefit every iOS user. Apple introduced the Apple IDs about 15 years ago, but the original term used to be membership IDs. These IDs were used by the users who pay for their iTools.

Apple started using the Apple IDs for the iTunes store when it was first launched in the year 2003. Many users have more than one ID that is being used to make different purchases under each of them.

Working with one digital ID is the best approach and most of the users are expecting Apple allow users to merge all their IDs into a single unique ID.

#8. Multi-user support

This is a pending and a wish list feature from the iOS 8. The multi-user support for IPads would allow the users to have more than one account on a single device. Touch ID would only be needed to sign up and this would enable their device to customize based on the settings. The layout of the app along with the wallpapers and email accounts can be customized.

This feature is best for the users who share their device with friends or family. This is a very useful feature for the Apple users. This feature is not for those who do not want to share their device with others.

#9. Better sharing options

The biggest feature of the Android devices is that the users can share anything that grabs their attention. Almost everything can be shared with anyone, whether it is one of your contacts or it is something interesting on Facebook or Twitter.

iOS does not allow the user to share everything so easily. The user has to go through various steps in order to share something with the user. Many users are expecting this problem to be solved in the coming operating system. This is necessary for an improved user experience.

It would be great if the users are able to share everything with the users on any platform, most preferably with the Apple users.

#10. Ability to hide pre-installed apps

It is for sure that the user does not use all the apps that are pre-installed on the device. There are many apps that not even opened once by the user.

There are many apps on a user’s device that they do not like to have them on their device and the biggest problem is that the apps cannot be deleted which is annoying for the user.

The new OS should have something to prevent these pre-installed apps from the mobile device of the user. The user should have all the rights to delete or keep the pre-installed apps.


Stabilization would be the most successful metric of Apple, if the new operating system needs to work better than the previous versions of the operating system.

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