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Mobile Application: How To Find The Right One?

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Sad but true, app reviews are not the best criteria to judge the capability of an app. Mobile apps are developed with various tactics to reach the maximum number of users and keep them pleased. No doubt, this process may have its own draw-backs.

By the time, you click on the marketed reviews they may have gone through a lot. For instance, typo errors, dishonest reviews mostly by PR companies or app marketers, change in App Store policies. That’s too much to account for.

Many times a user drops a review when they are going through extreme emotions. Like say, when users are, too happy, too outraged, too disappointed, or too bored, with the app. These sentimental biases are not comprehensive reviews in themselves.

So, does that mean you have no way of finding out where to best check out the app credibility? Absolutely not.

Internet of Things, allows you to easily dive through the clutter and find the right word out there.

Let’s take a look at 3 practices to help you ditch those app reviews:

#1. Source Well

Mobile app development is a challenging business. A single app holds the power to touch millions of lives, at the same time. App marketers often approach credible blog writers, journalists and PR agencies to review their apps. Before you make up your mind about an app, look for websites which specialize in app reviews.

Genuine app reviews are informative, honest, and unbiased. You may even follow good review writers and join them in further discussions to help you choose the best. To dig the surface deeper, it is a good practice to join communities dedicated to apps such as iOS, Android and so forth.

#2. Track Well

Usually mobile App development companies will serve a number of genre-specific apps to users. If you are not sure what to expect from the app you are waiting to download, check-out other apps by that developer. Cross-checking gives you an idea of what exactly you can expect from the app? You may even add them to your list of favourite developers and keep a track of their new offerings.

#3. Follow Well

Speaking of hunting down app developers, what better place to do that than social media? A committed app developer will have a noticeable social media presence, a blog, a YouTube account, or a website dedicated to them. You can even get their contact details, in case they have chosen to do so. Befriend them and get the ball rolling.

Think. Research. Think

You may even download the apps to test their functionality and compatibility, especially when apps are free. In case, of paid downloads, before you spend that kind of money, try out the tips mentioned above to make an informed decision (save yourself from regret).

Due to cut-throat competition, it is likely that a mobile development company has paid for a positive review for their app and a negative review for their competitors.

It is even possible that first-time users may have a poor understanding of the app. When they encounter a problem, which is not the responsibility of the developer. They then leash out their rants in reviews. No way, can you trust either of these.


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