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Mobile Application Development: The Move from Connectivity to Convergence

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With the world having turned mobile in recent times as hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablets and other internet enabled gadgets having been sold worldwide, it can be said with certainty that mobile applications also have correspondingly evolved to a new level. At the same time, the plethora of gadgets available at the disposal of users worldwide has them spoilt for choice.

This means that users are now generally looking at the user experience of the mobile application and the wide choice available has spawned apps covering the entire spectrum of human endeavor such as email, social networking, weather, sports, corporate affairs, business, and other apps.

Mobile Application and Mobility

Mobile application development is profoundly influenced by what is defined as mobility. Hence, the most profound change that can now be witnessed in mobile applications presently is the move from connected applications to convergence. This means that converged applications such as voice, messaging, location services etc converge together in one single device to deliver an experience not capable of being experienced on another gadget such as  the desktop or web application.

Looking at how convergence is taking the world of mobile application development by storm, several companies are taking to best-in-class mobile application development services for their clients. Today, mobile application development is linked to the platform upon which the mobile applications are built. In turn these companies depend upon cost-effective teams to design and develop feature-rich mobile apps for their clients.

In order that they maintain their effectiveness and efficiency in a hotly competitive market, several companies hire the most intelligent and tech-savvy mobile apps developers. They only look for the best-in-class developers who have in-depth knowledge of major platforms or frameworks. Such companies maintain a large team of developers, who can provide on-demand capacity to meet tight deadlines and promises made to clients in the marketplace.

Mobile Application Development: How to choose the Right Services

Now comes the question of choosing the right mobile application development services. While going in for this, many clients fall into a dilemma. This is mostly due to the lack of experience in choosing the right provider. They often lack a clear concept in this direction. However, choosing the right mobile app development service should not prove to be such a headache if the right process is followed.

Yes, it is true that things have come to such a stage that the world cannot do without mobile apps. They spend on mobile phones and try the make the best of their investment by extracting the most out of their phones by installing the best possible apps. On the other hand, mobile apps help you to be productive and have more fun at work.

Therefore, there are thousands of apps now available that you can choose from. However, it is interesting to note that despite several apps being available on Google Apps and other play stores, people still clamor for more. Today, mobile app development is all about making the best-in-class apps that enamor and entice the user to no extent. A number of companies offer mobile apps, but you need to settle for the best mobile apps that are made by the most professional mobile application development companies in the world.

Choose the right company

Hence, you need to follow just a few precautions to find out if the company is just right for you. Verify if the firm is experienced enough to develop the particular app. If the company is not experienced, but only claims to be, then you will need to backtrack all the way and research another company all over again.

Talk to the right representative

You will also need to speak to someone at the concerned company. This means that you will be able to meet different company representatives and shortlist a few that seem to meet your requirements. This can be done by comparing the various offers that you have received and what they can or can’t do for you. Once the company has been shortlisted, then you will need to verify if the offer you have received is best-in-class for the app you would like to develop.

Avoid Rushing into a Decision

Hence, before you seek out a mobile application development company, you will also need to take time to decide what kind of app you want. Simply rushing into some sort of decision and not being clear about what you really desire is not the way. Take some time out and evaluate what kind of app you would require.

Take to the Internet

One of the best ways to hire a mobile app development company is to look for such a company online. There are a plethora of mobile apps development companies out there in the online world, which clamor the loudest to get your attention. They can even provide these services right in the comfort of your own office or your own home. Hence, choosing a mobile app company is not as simple as just looking on the internet and passing on the contract to the first listed company. There is more to it, which you will learn with experience.

Check their portfolio

Hence, one of the better ways to understand this is to ask the company to show you a portfolio of previous apps they have developed. You need to proceed only if you feel completely satisfied that the portfolio is genuine and of the quality you expect. You can also check if the apps they mention are mentioned in the app store and are working fine. Also find out if they can promote your mobile app so that you can reach your target audience. Such a service is usually included with the app development services itself. There needs be some sort of support whether technical or marketing or whatever to help make your app reach its intended audience.

Negotiate the T&Cs

Finally, after you have negotiated the app development process with the agency you have chosen, you will need to discuss the terms of the contract with them. It’s best to have all the terms you have negotiated written down in the contract and only after having understood the fine print, wherein you might not prefer to have any fine print at all, you will need to get the final contract done and the papers signed and exchanged between you and the mobile web application development company.


Today, Mobile Application Development is all about Convergence. It is the convergence of various utilities and services on a single device that is driving mobile. With mobile gaining dominance, let us all hope to benefit from this convergence of things and the upscale movement of technology for a better future.

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