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Mobile Application In 2015: Sneak Peek Into The Future Trends

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The mobile app development industry is continuously evolving with some of the best innovations. With each year passing, the market of smartphones is getting bigger, better and smarter. The focus is just developing them to act brilliantly with apps. For this reason, developers are targeting app analytic strategies that will go smoothly in upcoming years.

Mobile application in 2015 is expected to see a lot of changes in the form of development trends. Here are some popular changes that will be witnessed this year in the application development industry.

Fast mobile development strategy

In recent days, it has become a trend in the app industry to develop tools and techniques in short time frame to meet the ever-rising demand of customers. To accommodate required demand, developers are focusing to shorten the app development process and the time frame between the development phase and the launch. Although enterprises have a tough time keeping up with the demand of customers for mobile apps but the focus is there on rapid mobile development strategies.

Use of HTML5

Being a responsive language, HTML5 is now majorly used to develop responsive mobile apps. As the world is shifting more towards mobiles, a responsive website is a must to remain abreast in the industry. The use of HTML5 started few years back, since then the use of this language has gone viral for developing responsive websites. This trend will continue to rule the app development markets for few more years. The use of HTML5 allows to incorporate a number of advanced features in different applications.

Parallax scrolling

Successful scrolling can prove to be a deciding factor for the victory of the created application. A great user experience is the ultimate key for applications to survive successfully. The evolution of parallax scrolling is one of the factors that enhances the design of the app and makes it easy to scroll on different mobile platforms.

Apps developed with parallax scrolling have more depth and it looks more trendy providing a great user experience. This kind of scrolling can let the user remain focused on the app for longer time period. It is an ideal way to reach greater number of audiences.


Large screens

Large screen phones and tablets are trending now. Mobile screens are getting larger day by day and so is the trend of it. Such phones have captured the marketplace and will rule the market for next few years. There has been a great challenge in designing the body and the layout of the phones. A number of users can be seen handling their smartphones single-handed especially with the right thumb. This offers a great user experience across the phones and smartphones as well.

Besides this, physical presence also counts. It is now evident to convert symbols and icons to real over the mobile so that it could have the required impact on the user; that would further lead him to click the same. This provides great user experience while browsing websites over a phone.
Large screen phones

Increased connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, Bluetooth and GPS offer great source of connectivity to phones. With these sources, it’s easy to connect your device over other networks. Mobile connectivity has remained an important point for the app designing trend in 2014 and it is expected to remain same in the year 2015 also. More to this, increased connectivity over the internet helps sellers and buyers to trade things over the network. With great connectivity, the world is always around us.

App marketing and security

There were numerous reports related to hacking last year, and it is going to prevail the market this year also. For this reason, app developers are focusing more on the security features while developing the application. Year 2015 will see great safety features installed in the app for an extended security. On the other hand, keeping user interface in mind, developers are now targeting organic users with the reason that such users are more engaged than the users accomplished through paid channels.

Decline of native applications

Mobile application industry is going to witness a dramatic change with the rise in mobile app platforms. This expansion of the web apps will result in decline of native apps. By the end of 2015, the market of native apps (applications that are programmed to be used over a particular platform or device) will no longer entice the users as there will arrive modern apps that will attract their attention. Native apps are designed to work on a specific platform and they take advantage of operating system typically installed on that platform.

Android devices

In comparison to other operating systems, Android will remain the king in the current year. In the race between Android and iOS, the former is going to win. If statistics are to be believed, Apple is expected to drop its tablet market by the end of the year 2015. In the same scenario, Android will soon take over all the shares. Studies suggest that the total market share for Android in the year 2013 was 78% that grew to almost 80% towards the end of the next year i.e. 2014. The trend is expected to continue in the year 2015 as well.

Wearable technology

All thanks to Apple watch that made wearable technology the hottest topic for electronic industry in 2014. The technique is expected to see a rise and remain prominent in the year 2015. Till now, apps for wearable devices were used to focus on fitness but the second half of the year 2015 is going to see the use of the same technology for improved productivity. Fashion and textile industry will equally adopt wearable technology.

Big data and app analytics

With the growth of the wearable technology, the need of apps performing tracking and analysis will grow among the decision makers in different enterprises. The year 2015 will watch the growth of big data and app analytic services. New data collection and analytics methods will evolve by the end of current year to offer enterprises an insight of their business with the help of functional tool that could meet their clients’ specifications. Big data will help enterprises as well as business owners to track business patterns and contribute to the business’ growth and prosperity.


Year 2015 will see the changes listed here in the app development market. Developers are excited to create some of the great applications for providing great UX. By keeping the following trends in the mind, it is the easiest to develope great mobile applications.

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