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Meet The New Topmost Features Of iOS 8

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In the Worldwide Developers Conference by Apple, Apple has revealed all the surprises that it has never discussed with anyone before. It has been believed that this year Apple is offering some extremely amazing features through its products which are going to be the best in the 25 years of history of Apple as a global leader.

Apple never give any idea about what they are up to and what they are going to give you next and this is the reason why people fall for Apple and its products. They remain very curious about the new innovations and love updating their systems along with the new trend.

Now when iOS 8 Beta is in the market, it is the time to learn about its features. So let us have a quick recap about what we have known about Apple till date.

Okemo – iOS 8

This is the time when you need to shut down your iOS 7 and have to upgrade your iPhones to iOS8. It is internally named as Okemo iOS 8 and is set to be launched. It has been founded that iOS 7 will see minor nips and some of the applications like Maps will also get some major upgrading of their features. Apple is also planning to add up a new Healthbook app to its iOS8 where they will also improve the performance by enhancing their overall system. A

pple has been working on a number of features for iOS8 and it is obvious that there are going to be a number of rumours about it as many of the things are still in progress and might not be announced but you might see the finalized features for iOS 8 beta versions.


The Maps apps has been beaten up a number of times by various third party mapping apps and this is why Apple has worked a lot over this application and with the upcoming iOS 8, it is all set to deliver bug free mapping software. The application will offer you the similar User interface as you get in iOS 7 but the new update will improve all the confusions that have been created for the Apple users till now. It is most likely to have public transit directions which are mainly used by the Google from several years.

Healthbook – the new app

Healthbook is a kind of book that will record all the data related to health and fitness from different accessories and device hardware. It is supposed to be very simple by the user interface. It has been designed in such a way that the user should find it very easy to use. It is based on the fact that a user can give priority to the most valued health department which he or she is looking for. The data that will get recorded into the application will be bloodwork details, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, sleep, nutrition, heart rate, weight and other activities.

iTunes Radio

This is a music app by iOS from a very long time but iOS 8 might give users a rocking and standalone application with similar functions and similar name. The interface you get might be the same as it is in iOS music app but because it is a standalone app you can expect some new features added to it.

So these are some new and attractive features that you will get to enjoy in your iOS 8. So get ready to upgrade your iPhone and look forward to enjoy iOS 8.


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