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Instagram: The Powerful Strategy To Drive eCommerce Market

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Facebook with its billion users is the number one social networking websites on the internet. Most importantly, the frequency with which it introduces its other elementary factors is what converts its users into huge figure of fans. And keeping in mind that the number of content that is shared in Facebook is photos, one of the popular innovations is 

So as an eCommerce merchant you have a thousand and one reasons to use Instagram to drive engagement and business sales for your online store. You will find the Instagram platform a creative way to reach out to your audiences.

Here are a few interesting ways to use Instagram for your online business.

Motivate your fans to participate through Instagram:

If your brand is yet to earn its recognition just like any other reputed brands, this is the best way to incentivize it. Help your customer to show their appreciation about your products and services by sharing their purchases. So what’s the ideal way to implement this?

  • Why not create a specific hashtag for your brand and spread it within your business community. Promote your brand by conducting campaigns or cross posting which is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness on your social media campaigns.
  • Add a card on the product package stating your Hashtag and a call to action for your consumers and request them to share their photos on Instagram.
  • You can also print Hashtags on the products just to ensure that your audiences notice them. This is will enable your customers to browse the products of all your content
  • Do not put too many words into a single hashtag. Instead make it simple but memorable. Most importantly, check for the hidden words if you intend to syndicate multiple words. Hashtags balances the exclusiveness and simplicity of your brand
  • Choose a specific theme for your products to encourage customers using your products to posts their photos in fun ways
  • Also geotag your photos to let people know where they can find you.

Showcase your product gallery:

Instagram has the ability to make your products look enviable. It can make your customers say “I want to buy from this particular store”. Help your potential customers with in-use photos of your products just like how the new styled Halloween attire would look on your kids or promote your products in motion. The best part is you can promote your in-store events on Instagram and make your products hot and happening.

Products pages can be directly linked to the photos:

Linking photos to your product pages will encourage your consumers to easily navigate their favourite brand from your site. Make them identify your products in fans photos and link them directly to your eCommerce pages from your site or Facebook page so that consumers can move directly to your store to complete their shopping.  Audiences often find it a fun way to interact with your brand.

Such links will enable you to keep a track of which photos are driving the maximum traffic and converting into sales. This information helps you to determine the prominent features that can be added or removed from your photos to grab the attention of the customers.

Keep reposting shares to maintain a prolonged life of the content:

Posts shared on Instagram usually have a short life cycle. They first appear on the customer’s feed and are gradually replaced by new ones. But how do you ensure that your content remains visible for a longer period of time?Make the Instagram posts from your customers convert into content.

Your eCommerce site is the best platform to launch a page that can showcase Instagram photos showing your products. Also you may create blog posts using the best Instagram posts. Start reposting your Instagram photos and posts on Facebook or Twitter or any other social sites. However, a progressive technique to enhance the user generated content visibility on your eCommerce site is to showcase the photos on the products pages.

Make your customers feel special with Instagram:

Executing what your customers expect is an obvious way to promote your brand. But going beyond the boundaries can make things exceptional.

  • Why not use customer’s photos from Instagram to make them feel special and increase conversion?
  • Next time when your customers visit your site let them see real customers using your products on the product pages instead of models or professionally produced photographs.

Such strategy is likely to increase the conversion up to 30%. Viewing real people using your products builds confidence within the potential customers about your products. And secondly, it shows how your products are desired by other people specifically at that point in time when customers feel uncertain about making a purchase.

  • Pay attention to what they are saying about your products.
  • Encourage them to share their experiences when you send them your products. Their positive review can be great for your eCommerce growth.
  • Follow up with them to reveal that there is a genuine human voice behind your business.

Some of the important tips to effectively connect with your customers-

  • Share special deals on Instagram
  • Surprise them with photos of new products yet to be launched
  • Customize your links.

Last but not the least; give your customers a glimpse of ‘behind the scenes’ in order to create a sense of transparency. Your customers will find it interesting and would love to share it. Instagram acts as one of the effective paths to build rapport with the audiences and can lead to an excellent word-of-mouth and loyalty.

Images: ” HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS – JANUARY 15, 2014: Instagram is an online photo/video-sharing and social networking service used to take photos and videos and share them through social media. /


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