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Harness Wi-Vi Technology To Become Superhuman In Your Daily Life

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The concept of X-ray vision is nothing new to us. Having been fed strongly by the popular comics and films, we do fantasize about tracking strangers across the walls or identifying burglars on the other side of a closed door.


This well conceived system is presently harnessing two antennas with transmission and a solitary receiver. The process, though perceived to be as highly technical, is simple- Identical signals are transmitted by the two antennas. However, there is an interesting concept as the second antenna transmits an inverse signal, contrary to the first antenna. The resultant interference further successfully destroys both the signals.  The process is oriented towards only moving objects and there is absolutely no effect on the static bodies. Finally, the WI-Vi device is able to register just the reflections from moving human beings.

The developers of this phenomenal project, Dina Katabi and Fadel Abib are striving hard to make the device affordable for a larger section of the society. Since security of people is still at stake in the outskirts of large cities and towns, they can use this device to alert themselves by spotting an intruder hiding in nearby surroundings. This device would be really useful while you are alone in isolated places or when you are alone at home. Katabi is a professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT and her associate Adib is a graduate student at the world famous institution.

For People in Distress

Wi-Vi, if harnessed properly can be used to monitor the activities of the elderly at home or children at a creche. It will minimize the huge cost of installing cameras. The device is currently making its presence felt at international conferences. It could be of paramount importance to the police force and disaster management personnel. Victims of natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones and Tsunamis, lying under concrete rubble can be rescued using this device to its full potential.  Once, available commercially, representatives of rescue teams will find this gadget to be extremely useful in their difficult tasks.

Operating Appliances, sans any physical movement

An individual need not be present in front of the appliances and electrical gadgets to operate them. It implies that one can switch on and off the lights, ceiling fans, washing machines, televisions and other appliances even while sitting in another room.

For the Gaming Freaks

Wi-Vi will be a boon to the gaming industry too. The next time you are busy at the gaming console; you can disappear in another room and control the controls just like an invisible man. This will give rise to more and more complex interactive games in the market.

Great Hopes

The technology is yet to display the human images in full. The developers are working hard to have high resolution images of strangers and burglars to enhance the security of the citizens. However issues of privacy intrusions are also accompanying this innovative concept.

The ability to detect gestures of an individual across the wall also makes this device a unique one. He can even communicate with another individual just by interpreting his gestures through this device. This innovative conversation will be possible without the use of any wireless gadget.

Let us hope that the developers become successful in bringing the device to the doorstep of the citizens and the officials in charge of the administration. Virtual reality will receive a further boost by blending with the new Wi-Vi technology. Well, it is no longer just crazy stuff. We all have the potential to become super humans for a good cause.

Images:  ”MIT’s Wi-Vi Technology Uses Wi-Fi To See Through Walls”


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