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Consider Android Mobile Apps Security as a Priority

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Android mobile apps security is probably a major concern for users installing or downloading an Android app. Having a fool-proof safety cycle for an app, should be a part of the business strategy by giving it a high priority rather than considering it as an afterthought.

A brief introduction

With the ever-increasing craze of mobile apps industry over the past few years, it has become important for mobile application development firms to focus on the security parameters related to a mobile app. Due to several technological features coming up in different platforms, it has become easier for cyber criminals to take advantage of the loopholes present within the apps. This is also due to the lack of awareness in user minds related to improper smartphone use. In most other cases, users do not bother to install defense mechanisms in their smartphones leading to vulnerability.

Mobiles have been the subject target for most criminals since the evolution of the entire craze. By going on today’s scenario, PCs have been surpassed by these small devices, and probably the craze would only grow by leaps and bounds in many more years to come. Today people rely on their smartphone even for carrying out day to day activities, online payments, social networking, banking, and even more.

As per a recent survey, three types of malicious apps are threatening the mobile apps arena:

  • 10% of such apps request users for installing other apps (probably malicious in nature)
  • 12.5% of such apps mandatory required RECEIVE_WAP_PUSH permission
  • 82% of such apps write, read, or send messages without asking the users

Mobile authenticity – a critical issue to deal with

When users download or install an app, they are not majorly concerned with the wireless connectivity of that app, facilitation of passwords within the app, and crucial security patches accompanying the app. It is the developers’ responsibility, or the app owner’s responsibility to take a proactive approach in leaving no loopholes left open in the app, as users would not be bothered about checking things out.

As per a recent research conducted, most users abandon an app simply because they have their own doubts related to app security. They would simply delete the app from their phone with a fear of app viruses, bugs, or errors, hampering mobile working and performance. While other users will try to avoid downloading questionable apps in the first place with a fear of their smartphone getting polluted with such apps. Hence, any kind of security flaw can let your app build a bad credibility among users, possibly not letting your app come up in the application store ever.

Users are not at all concerned with the source of these security breaches. In fact, even if they have goofed up, they might not realize their mistake and put the entire blame onto an app. Hence, only app owners or developers can take effective steps in making the app flawless, not letting users disregard the app.

Security measures to implement

By employing simple authentication measures related to PINs or passwords, many problems can be solved. In addition, making use of biometric support can take things one-step forward specifically in highly secured organizations such as banks or large enterprises.

So many security issues do not appear technical in nature but still need to be addressed due to the basic understanding of many app users. Henceforth, collaborating with the type of people who can implement security measures easily can help increase not only the lifespan of the product but will also build a higher level of trust in user minds.

Let us go through interconnected steps letting users play an important role in mobile app security:

  • Collecting user expectations, managing them, and revisiting them to update whenever required
  • Secure control access and authentication measures
  • Implementing best user practices and support them accordingly
  • Ensuring app security testing to play a decisive role every time when incorporating app security
  • Allow exceptionally strong encryption coding to have sensitive data transmit with complete ease
  • Making use of a management tool dealing in enterprise mobility to track how customers, as well as employees, interact with an app

Things to sum up…

Too many mobile apps penetrating the smartphone arena, have given way to mobile attackers or hackers to infiltrate the security by intensifying their cyber attacks against any given mobile platforms. Security is a fundamental requirement and with cyber crimes increasing day by day, smartphones need a high level of protection. A mobile app needs to be installed considering all the possible threats that could take place taking into account the surface of exposure to both users and

A mobile app needs to be installed considering all the possible threats that could take place taking into account the surface of exposure to both users and cyber criminals. A user needs to be aware of the risks and potential harm to the devices considering the increasing number of cyber attacks. With complex cyber threats escalating, it is not surprising to see Android users safeguarding their information as well as intellectual property.

That is the principal reason you see so much malware and viruses attacking the phone for various kinds of phishing activities. Since the majority of smartphone devices are operated by normal users, they tend to ignore security related issues. This is especially in the case of social networking or payment integration related apps. Therefore, it is important to identify the principal threats happening in the case of Android apps, both by developers and end users.

This is the reason why users are encouraged each time to keep their apps updated. With the daily changing scenario of app stores and the apps, it is vital to have all the apps upgraded as per the latest platform and requirements. Avoid downloading from third party stores, as it may be the entry point for a cyber threat. Moreover, try to avoid clicking on malicious links present within the apps and even present in unsolicited emails, to refrain from compromising on mobile security.

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