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Click to Print Technology is a Bridge between Local to International Market

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Imagine participating in a conference in Bucharest and you are based in Melbourne. You need top notch quality printed creatives such as banners and other marketing materials beautiful designed, printed and packaged ahead of you in the shortest time possible, preferably in 24-48 hours just in time for the conference. What are you going to do? Welcome to the power of the click to print technology.

Most businesses are going online into eCommerce portals and the printing business is not being left behind. With click to print technology, small design and printing businesses are literally able to operate within their local boundaries and operate on a global scale.  They are able to use web-to-print & mobile-to-print in order to tremendously boost their sales through eCommerce portals.

There are many reasons why the click to print technology presented by web2print software is the best bridge between local printing business and a global clientele looking for those quality and efficient printing solutions. Here is a look at some of the reasons why:

Click to Print Technology Lowers the Production Costs

The biggest bottleneck to your local printing business going global is the cost of production. The combination of eCommerce and web2print bridges many of these gaps and enables you to truly go global with your business. The lowering of the costs results because web to print technology is very cost effective and also customer friendly.

Customers can easily order print without getting involved, through an automated and streamlined process that saves time and cuts down on the costs of doing business. The whole print ordering process is only managed by your website portal and the end user or customer without needing your mediation. The custom and the web to print technology will manage both the design and the layout of the print.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

With web to print, you are able to satisfy customers across time zones. Customers will deeply appreciate this ability to create and edit their prints. They will also have the ability to approve their online printing. The effect is a reduced time-frame for print ordering as well as reduced labour costs involved in the printing process right from the prepress to the digital or even the offset printers.

Lower Shipping Costs

With web to print technology, it is possible for print providers to easily expand their profit opportunities through various channels such as service fees on top of the printing fees and even the marking up of shipping costs while still keeping the costs relatively low. There are lots of ancillary opportunities available which will enable you to create new profit centres in your print business.


Another element that makes web-to-print and mobile-to-print easily applicable in the international business arena is its versatility. Your customers can easily print on demand and the software tool can be easily applied in various materials such as flyers, business cards, brochures, wedding invites and many others.

Customers have complete control over the outcome of the print. They can easily upload their designs ready for printing or even design online through a highly robust interface which gives outstanding results. They can approve designs that will go to print and even make payments via various payment options such as VISA, MasterCard etc. This outsourcing solution is particularly advantageous for businesses that do not have too many resources and do not want to tie down their staff in mundane jobs such as printing and preparing printed materials.

Excellent Customer Service

Professional printing requires a great degree of proficiency especially if you are handling large orders. Customers call frequently to make changes or inquire about order status. For most companies in the traditional printing business, the margins are typically tight due to these efficiency issues.

Profits in the printing business are easily swallowed up by costs such as late deliveries and the reprint of documents that would be totally avoidable if you had a versatile technology such as click to print technology. The technology, thanks to its robustness and versatility, eliminates many of these efficiencies and enables the business to deliver an excellent customer service even if they are not directly interfacing with their customers.

Ecommerce SEO opens the path to global business

Through the click to print technology, businesses do not have to open a physical store in every city in the world. They just have to choose a few relevant keywords to target that will bring the customers rolling in. A customer in City X looking for quick and quality print solutions simply enters the keywords that you have optimized to find your store and order print, even if you are based in another continent. This allows local printing businesses to expand their businesses globally at very low costs. They only have to foot a cost for the optimization which is a very small fraction of the costs of opening a physical brick and mortar office and setting up multiple digital and offset printers.

Automated workflows

Click to print technology enables local printing businesses to fully leverage the power of nesting and automated workflows in printing, thus allowing them to efficiently satisfy the printing demand rolling in from global customers. Companies are able to make strategic investments in robust printing machines that will efficiently handle nesting and also coordinate the automated workflows in the most efficient manner to meet the expectations of customers. This allows these printing businesses to maximize their profits from web2print and remain profitable in their businesses.

Multiple language support

Businesses using web to print technology in their printing requirements are no longer limited by language considerations. You can set up multiple websites in various countries in the local languages to serve printing needs. For example, your printing solution might be based in London but you can create web to print shops serving Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or even German speakers.

This allows you to expand your printing business beyond your imagination and reach markets that you never imagined you would penetrate. Once they negotiate favourable shipping rates with their courier providers, the businesses are able to price their services at great margins for profitability even as they increase their revenue base and profitability. The result is fast growing scalability for your printing business across global markets.


Click to Print Technology allows for rapid scalability of business from a limited local market into an infinite global market. There are several exciting features in this technology which print providers can fully leverage to take their business to the international market. This is further supported with the portability of any eCommerce business.

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