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The Benefits Of Integrating iPad POS To Your Small Business

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An iPad POS is a revolutionary Point-of-Sale system powered by iPad tablets. Prior to the advent of iPad POS, the POS systems used to be powered by large and complex terminals, computer software and applications. However, such systems came with a lot of limitations, particularly when it came to features, functionality and cost effectiveness.

An iPad POS can be considered as a major breakthrough in retail technology, as with the help of this a proprietor may now spend prolonged hours in his store stowing inventories, placing orders, and performing other tasks that are often done by the computer in a large establishment.

In fact, iPad POS is a great tool for both small business and large business entrepreneurs. While it proves to be a cost-effective solution for small business owners considering that they cannot afford big budget expenses on point-of-sale system; for large business owners, an iPad POS can be a great way to boost business and expand sales through integration of multiple points at affordable costs.

How it works

Basically, an iPad POS system is an application software that has been styled to operate on an iPad tablet – but is not able to order items automatically. Developers can design these programs to integrate seamlessly with the Apple and Windows operating systems. Similarly, additional software can be used to print out an order form, and the shopkeeper can use his computer to print out the form.

Moreover, iPad POS are also used by small business retailers to track sales and also monitor employee man-hours; besides availing reports about the stocks with the support of inventory system. Bar code scanning options are also available for those who want to identify the products without any hitches.

Step # 1: Add Items

You may add items by just tapping, searching by name, or using a barcode scanner. Adjust quantities and apply discounts seamlessly.

Step # 2: Choose a Payment type

Choose a secure payment type that suits you. You may choose payments by cash, swiping credit cards, or any of the ‘designated’ mobile payment options offered by the system.

Step # 3: Adding a gratuity

Preset gratuity buttons to boost tipping.

Step # 4: Transaction Complete

This is the final procedure in iPad POS where the customers sign right on your iPad, the receipt is either emailed or printed as a conventional receipt.

Features of iPad POS

  • One of the key features that make iPad POS indomitable is that the device is mobile and optimizes space.
  • Manager reports can be generated in seconds with just the push of a button.
  • Integrated staff time card systems help schedule hours and also generate payroll.
  • Running inventory checks is easier with the iPad POS inventory that is wise and self-managing.
  • The iPad POS is much less expensive to operate than the traditional POS.
  • No bulky terminals required facilitating affordability in pricing due to fewer hardware requirements. While a cash register and related equipment would have cost you $300 to $1000, a wireless Apple iPad will cost you $300 to $500.
  • Cloud-based solutions empower businesses to use their software without having to rely upon the Internet or third-party apps.
  • Customization options enable iPad POS to be modified to accommodate various different small business operations.

Benefits of iPad POS

Why is it Important for your Business

An iPad POS system is an asset for businesses, especially small business. Besides being highly affordable and cost effective, it is user-friendly, has good synchronization, reduces administrative strain, and offers enhanced customer experience. Also, you can easily monitor your business from anywhere using iPad POS systems provided they have a smart phone, tablet, and/or a computer.

iPad POS is User-friendly

An iPad POS system is more user-friendly considering the fact that iPad offers an intuitive interface that is easy to learn. This can not only prove to be time-saving when it comes to training of employees, but the user-friendliness also helps reduce cases of errors.

iPad POS helps better Synchronization

An iPad POS system helps synchronization as it helps to improve communication with the tablets that are running the digital menu software for secure payment and real-time ordering. This feature is especially great for hotel industry. Here you will find menus with appealing features that enable guests to enter custom cooking specifications, place orders, request table service and order drinks among many other things.

iPad POS eases Administrative Strain

The administrative responsibilities used to show when managers had to schedule employee hours, compile manager reports by hand, keep track of time cards, handle reservations, do inventory checks and generate other reports, when performing tasks by traditional POS. However, with iPad POS and its entirely automated system, business administrators are able to integrate employee time card systems, manage the inventory and generate payroll and produce reports in seconds.

iPad POS offer Enhanced Customer Experience

Benefitting from the low cost, mobility factor and less optimization of space the iPad POS system offers place for more merchandise facilitating customers to avail products of their choice and make payments from anywhere – for immediate pick up or delivery to their home address. Moreover, the real time data it offers helps improve sales and prove to be a great assistance to the management in taking better decisions for the business.

iPad POS facilitates Effective data management

An iPad POS system helps manage receipts effectively and also store customer as well as credit card data, while ensuring the accurate processing of sales tax, cash and credit card payments. Thus eliminating the probabilities of erroneous computations such as double entries; besides facilitating tracking of sales in real time.

How to Choose the Right iPad POS app

Research the Market

Researching your market is the first priority in choosing the right iPad POS, as vendor websites are always the perfect place to start your research and analyze retail POS system reviews. Remember that vendors often use phrases like “cashier software” and “cash register software” to describe their solutions; however, these terms are tantamount with point of purchase software.

iPad POS Apps


Prioritize your Needs

While it is true that there are many solutions to meet your basic requirements, specific functionality is required in the new system. So, what is important is to understand if integration of e-commerce functionality is required; or the significance of the vendor having adequate experience to support retail software for small business.

Next, you need to assess if it makes business sense for you to invest in open source POS software. This is especially beneficial while you are actually on ‘POS hunting’ – going through reviews and trying to make the right iPad POS system.

Compile a list of Prominent Vendors

Once you have made up your mind and set your eyes on choosing the right iPad POS, compile a list of the best retail iPad POS systems that meet your priorities. Shortlisting vendors can effectively simplify the system search and ensure that you only evaluate systems that will be a good fit for your business. A few prominent ones are ShopKeep POS, Shopify POS, Paypal Here, GoPayment (Intuit) to name a few.

Have you chosen your iPad POS for your business? Share with us.

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