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7 Ways Your Mobile App Can Hook Your Users

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With so many applications all around you, maybe in millions, it is hard to let your mobile app shine and outperform other similar apps in the same league. The most difficult part is to engage customers and have them download your app. This is even more challenging when it is relatively easy to uninstall your app and switch to your competitors mobile app without even thinking twice.

There are just a few key points to keep in mind and your app is all set to look apart from others. Provide customers with an unique experience, and you need not be insecure abut your competitors.

Imagine your mobile app having a wonderful design with a robust build. How frustrating things would be if your app is not even visible to a vast section of your user base? Even if visible, your app might suffer from an extremely high bounce rate, if users don’t find it worthy enough to download. It is not just important to let users visit your app, they should be glued to your app as soon as they land. Therefore, it goes without saying that the homepage is critically the most important screen of an app. The moment a user opens an app, he should get answers to questions related to who, what, when, and how.

7 Ways Your Mobile App Can Hook Your Users

#1. Customer service that is outstanding

This is probably the most important key to customer engagement. Providing a highly satisfactory service helps customers to reap maximum benefits and get the utmost advantage of the time or money they have invested in the app. Users love to be treated like owners and when they get the kind of top-notch services from app makers, they turn into loyal customers for life.

To do this, get an in-app engagement screen built within your mobile app, which guides users by providing detailed information on who you are, what you do, how does your app work, and so on. Keep users informed regarding latest updates, events, information, and more taking place in your organization. Let your support team be alert enough to respond to customer queries at any given time.

#2. Convenience of users is what matters the most

Keep things in the app highly convenient and accessible to your users. For example, remember the old style traditional banking – you needed to go to the bank branch for all kinds of transactions whether deposit, withdrawal, or any other such transaction. Now with an app, you can do them all from your app. Make things simple and smooth for users to pay bills, or transfer money online.

#3. Let your mobile app reflect your website

It is very important to replicate the app exactly like the mirror image of your website. If your website is present on the web for quite a long time now, it is evident that users identify your brand and can connect with you comfortably if seeing your brand on the app as well. Imagine that you are an avid Facebook or Twitter user; you would expect the same features from the app as well. If the app does not replicate those features, you are surely bound to be disappointed and may stop using the actual website as well.

Therefore, try to incorporate all the things present on your website within your app. If that is not enough, keep navigation easier so that users can surf between different mobile screens within a short span of time. With an ease of access to categories, menus, and other expected functionalities, your users are bound to make use of your app.

#4. Onboarding process must be extremely simple and fast

Long signup forms with too many details to fill in, social integration options missing, and unavailability of login through your social media profile, can make things hard going for first time users. Try to enable a seamless onboarding experience by letting users create social profiles with ease, or have seamless login into the app through social media integration within seconds or minutes.

#5. Place GPS location facility within the app

GPS locators work wonders in a number of ways. They not only tell your current location but also show you best possible routes while travelling to different places saving a lot of time and money. Moreover, users are presented with different food and travel related offers belonging to their respective city. In addition, when things are bought online, it can help ecommerce sites to track your location and deliver your products or services to your doorstep.

#6. Rewarding always works well

Who does not like to be rewarded – in monetary terms or by any other means? Imagine the flood of cash backs and discounts when you are trying to purchase the same products on mobile, which you have seen in a super mall or on a website. Websites offer more convenience than buying things physically from a supermarket, in terms of extra discounts and free home delivery. How exciting things would be when users avail even more discounts on their smartphone just for using the app? Deals of the day, cash back schemes, loyalty points, and promo codes are some of the best ways you can make your app popular for shopping on web.

#7. Ask for customer feedback

When you ask for customer feedback, they feel connected with your app, and would be inclined to use your app without any worry. A long lasting presence can be felt in the market, with users feeling as if they are having an emotional connect with the mobile app. Give users an option to provide feedback with ease anytime with just a few clicks. Listen to users and respond when required.

Final words 

There is no set technique or method to retain customers. It all depends on how well your app handles factors like user engagement, expectations satisfaction, quality service delivery, feedback improvement, problem solving approach, and most importantly resolving issues. Just follow the above strategies and you are well equipped with an app that is not just fulfilling but also satisfying.

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