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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Hosting For Your Business

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In today’s world of marketing, good and quality advertisement means literally everything. Along with availability, it represents the one key thing that separates you from the rest of your competition. Speaking of availability, the ever-growing Internet network is the main source of information about your company, and it is unthinkable that your company doesn’t have its own web site.

In order to have a quality site, you will need web-hosting, and in this article, we will give you the key things you need to pay attention to, in order to avoid wasting time and money. Feel free to use these tips, and of course, to apply them.

#1. Big or small

When it comes to paying for web hosting, be aware of several things. By paying to a specific company, you are bound to have certain benefits, and it is your right to have those. Check and double check about the company you have decided to choose. What will it provide to you?

If it is a huge, expensive one, it is not guaranteed to have quality service. Quite the contrary, it usually means that sometimes, your problems won’t be solved with short notice, but rather put aside or simply won’t be solved at all. Rather than this, choose a smaller, less-known company, which will do everything in its power, to provide you with good, quality service and care.

#2. Backup

If for some reason, one of the servers on which your site is crashing, users won’t be able to access it, and they will choose someone else. It is as simple as that. To avoid losing customers, make sure that the company you are doing business with has backup or “mirror” servers, and the more it has the better for you. If the main server crashes, back up kicks in immediately and there is no damage for you. In this way, you are making your site available 24/7. Furthermore, if servers are located on different continents, it is even better, for a potential natural disaster won’t affect you.

#3. Free

Remember, there is no such thing as free web hosting. Yes, there are companies which offer web space for paying nothing, but understand that in the beginning, you won’t pay anything, but then, the company will start putting advertisements on your site, and in that way, your customers will be driven away. Nobody likes flashing banners and advertisements; it simply draws away attention, and it will eventually “suffocate” your site. Always be ready to pay for this kind of service, and make sure that no adverts will be placed without asking your permission first.

#4. Space

There are some companies which will give you a low price for hosting services, but will have several drawbacks, on which you need to pay attention. If your company is growing, and you have correspondence with the customers, make sure that web space for your site is not limited. Emails, databases, all of those things occupy space on certain servers, and make sure to ask for this item. Also, it is advisable to learn basic web hosting terms.

#5. Playing dirty

There is a fierce struggle between web hosting companies, and naturally, they will give you at first sight incredible incentives. Low price, a lot of space, etc., and you will think that you have chosen wisely. Right? Wrong. Ask them everything that crosses your mind. If you get but a glimpse of the feeling that you will pay more later, don’t choose them. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Some of these will charge you additional money for deciding to have a few more email addresses for your employees, or additional space, providing you will need it. Avoid those kind of companies at all costs, for the price may be low in the beginning, but eventually, the costs will be higher.

#6. Tech support

There is nothing worse than some guy in the IT sector not picking up his phone during a critical situation. This kind of situation can’t be allowed. Demand 24/7 availability of support, because every problem that comes up must be tackled with as soon as possible. As we said, the competition is ever growing, and you cannot allow losing customers for any reason. If this happens even once, that you cannot reach support, switch to another company immediately.

#7. Access

You, and you only, have the right to make decisions concerned about your site. Be sure that you have the main access to the site at all times. The company which provides you with hosting doesn’t need to know what are you putting on your site, and if tries to avoid giving you main access, it means that it will only charge you extra for changing things on the website through their technicians.

With everything said taken into consideration, take time when choosing a web hosting company. Read other peoples’ impressions and experiences, read reviews, it will give you the better image about the company you wish to work with. Eventually, you are paying for the service, so you are playing the leading role here.

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