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5 Ways Of Using Web Forms For Better Online Business Management

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The life of an entrepreneur can be quite complicated sometimes, if not all times. Between business management, strategic decisions, partnering negotiations and some personal life, there is not much time left. Thus, finding the right tools that have the power to simplify the whole workflow can be crucial for business effectiveness.

Whether you’re an experienced business owner or a newly become entrepreneur – it doesn’t matter, because everybody is looking for a way to work more effectively while driving the same good results, if not even obtaining better results.

There is a whole bunch of tools available on the Internet, all of them can be used to streamline different aspects of your business: sales gathering, accounting, customer service, feedback gathering and others. Depending on your needs, you can choose to use separate tools for every function you want covered, or you can choose a multifunctional tool that can serve more than one purpose.

Web forms

A very handy tool when running a business is a web form, which can be constructed according to your needs with the help of an online form builder. Given an easy drag-and-drop editor, even people without coding skills can create professional looking web forms, just like only experienced programmers were able to craft a while ago.

Web forms have evolved a lot lately, so that you have numerous options when it comes to building your desired form. Starting with form type (purpose), design, branding elements and continuing with 3rd party app integrations, each one of these can be picked and shaped to match your requirements and to reach their goal.

Here are a few ways in which web forms can make a business manager’s life easier:

#1. Use contact forms as an effective contact method.

Contact forms are known by everyone nowadays, we’ve all seen them when we were surfing on various websites. Truth is they’re a simple way to offer people an easy channel for contacting you. Visitors can drop you a line directly on your website, without exiting the site and without needing a mail client. There’s no danger they’ll misspell your email address, because the messages coming from the contact form are directly routed to your predefined email address.

#2. If you have an e-commerce business, take advantage of the sales order form.

Selling products online implies meeting some basic requirements such as having a good and informational website, using an efficient ordering system and relying on a trustful shipping method. Sales order forms are a practical alternative to shopping carts, because they are easy to implement and manage, easy to use, more cost-effective and much more suited for especially smaller e-commerce stores. You can even count on multiple payment processor integration, since there are form builders which offer this kind of feature.

#3. Design a customer feedback form to gather valuable feedback from your customers.

It has been discussed before that customer satisfaction and customer feedback are very important for a business, since they are among the factors that can keep your business running. An entrepreneur needs to know how customers perceive his business’ products and services, how they feel about the company overall, what they think could be improved and so on. Getting to know this information directly from the involved parties can reveal some measures that could be taken to improve the customer experience and thus grow your business.

You can put the customer feedback form directly onto your website, or integrate it in your emails and invite people to fill it out. After sending the submissions, your customers can receive customized thank you messages in which you’re telling them how important their feedback and satisfaction is to you.

#4. Run an online survey to find out what your customers have to say.

Similar to using a feedback form, an online survey is a great tool for researching what’s popular among your customers. See what other products or services they acquire, what market trends they comply to and collect suggestions on, for example, what new products you could launch or which is your most beloved product. Like the customer feedback forms, online surveys can be integrated in your website, blog, Facebook page or emails and they can be also shared via Twitter, so there are various channels to make them available for your customers.

#5. Use a “freebie” form to give something back to your customers.

“Freebie” forms are a kind of forms used for offering something for free, in exchange for some basic details like name and email address. This is why file download forms, like they’re also called, are a great way for lead gathering, so it’s a win-win use case. Customers can download things like product samples, ebooks, wallpapers, ecards, videos, songs and other kinds of incentives, which convince them to provide you with their contact details. Afterwards, you can use those leads to send out special offers based on your customers’ interests.

Besides the situations described above, every business owner can create their own online forms depending on what they need. One more advantage of using online forms is the reports section, where you can see detailed data about form submissions and you can draw conclusions based on that data. Furthermore, submissions are stored in an archive and can be reviewed when needed.

What about you? How do you think your business could benefit of using web forms?

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