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5 Trending Technologies To Boost Your Startup’s Security

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It’s no secret that launching a new business requires oodles of patience and perseverance.

With a to-do list as long as your arm, it’s also likely that securing your new venture from nefarious criminals will fall dangerously close to the bottom of the pile. Importantly, however, given that security is typically low on the catalogue of concerns for a fledgling firm, interlopers – both online and offline – will put a new business at the top of their to-do list.


Despite the multitude of other factors competing for your attention, then, it’s clear to see your business should be protected from the outside in from the moment you open your doors.

Don’t know how? Read on to find out…

#1. Encryption Software

If you plan to offer online purchases, before you can begin taking Visa and MasterCard payments, both companies will require that you use data encryption to protect customers handing over their credit card details – and it also means your online operation will likely be more secure.

As a small business owner, though, this can often be a tricky task, which is why some experts recommend outsourcing your payment processing through PayPal, which can reduce in-house costs considerably.

#2. Biometric Verification

In a nutshell, biometric verification involves identifying someone through a unique biological trait. Far from being something reserved for big budget Hollywood sci-fi flicks or iffy James Bond films, biometric verification is becoming increasingly commonplace in businesses of all sizes.

Verification can include a scan of a fingerprint, iris, retina or hand outline, although the shape of an ear, voice patterns and, disturbingly, body odour are also being used to make sure only authorised personnel make it onto the grounds of a business.

#3. Hi-Tech Security Fencing

It may not sound particularly hi-tech, but rather than a sinewy fence festooned with a “no trespassers” sign, we’re talking about top of the range security fencing designed to keep even the most persistent criminal where they belong.

From electric fencing to deliver a safe, sharp shock to sliding gates to control access to your premises, it’s important that your business is not left picking up the pieces by skimping on one of the most basic facets of security.

#4. Voice Recognition

For those of you with an iPhone, you’re likely well versed with voice recognition and the constant battle with Siri to understand your incomprehensible drawl. Unlike Siri, however, modern voice recognition systems for gaining access to a premises are extremely dependable.

While you and your employees may feel a bit awkward talking to a faceless machine to begin the day, the security benefits for your startup cannot be denied. Pleasingly, the technology used in these systems is improving all the time.

#5. Smartphone Entry

According to eMarketer, smartphone users worldwide will total 1.75 billion this year, which is why our familiarity with their workings makes them ideal for replacing keys or keycard entry to your firm’s premises.

Users simply take advantage of their phone’s Bluetooth capability and an app, allowing them to punch in a security code to grant them access to the building. Importantly, steps would need to be taken to prevent misuse, but the security company you choose can advise you further.

While some, none or all of the methods above may be suitable for your business, there’s no substitute for keeping your eyes and ears open and making sure you’re ALWAYS prepared for the worst case scenario…

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