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5 Creative Ways To Get Started With Google Alerts

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Google offers its users several tools to make their web usage more convenient and meaningful. One  of these tools is the Google alert which is not as popular yet but it will soon be once web users begin to appreciate the great functionality features that Google alert can offer them.  There are a lot of hidden features that not all Google alert users know about. If you are not yet familiar with using Google alert, here are some creative ways to help you maximize your user experience as you begin to use this wonderful tool.

5 Creative Ways To Get Started With Google Alerts

# 1. Follow what people are saying about you

You can now use Google alert to let you know when people are talking about you and what they say in the virtual world. Many business owners use this feature to monitor the latest buzz about their company and the information shared by web users about them. With the help of the Google alert’s automatic vanity search feature, you can instantly find information about your search. Just key in the name of your company or your name in the search field.

You can customize your option to screen the quality of the search result, when you want to receive the alert and whether you want Google alert to generate the information you need through an RSS feed or by email. Google alert can provide you updates as soon as the information is available relative to your search.

# 2. Monitor your competition

You can use Google alert to keep track of the activities happening with your competitors. This will make you more competitive as you receive the latest updates on their latest products, endorsements and promotions. The tool can be an effective source of information that you need in order to keep up with your competitors and understand the latest issues in your field of business.

The Google alert will provide relevant keyword searches that will help cut down the time of your own marketing research for keywords that are highly relevant to your business niche. Instead of making a daily search for keywords, Google alert will do this work for you.

# 3. Use Google alert to find a job

Google alert is not just a mere search tool to find information. You can also use it as a tool to generate relevant results to help you find a job. You can specify in its search query box any job openings that are relevant to your field or profession and you can sit down, relax and wait for Google alert to deliver the latest job openings directly to your inbox. Tailor your search query by targeting specific companies, job titles and places of employment to receive an alert as soon as they are available online. Google is capable of indexing the specific information that you need and you won’t miss any job listings available that you can apply for. Find your dream job with less effort using Google alert to help you find it.

# 4. Find some freebies

If you are looking for great bargains online you can simplify your search to scout for the best deals with the help of Google alert. You can find coupon codes, promotional offers and discount freebies from your favorite online seller or retailer with the help of Google alert. You don’t have to visit their website daily to find out if a good deal is available. Google alert will let you know immediately when great discounts and promotional offers are available. This is very helpful when your favorite seller is giving away free and discount coupons for a limited time offer only. With Google alert you won’t be the last to know about the latest promos and it enables you to grab them instantly whenever one is available.

# 5. Know the latest trends and news

Let Google alert bring the latest news and information that you are interested about directly to your inbox. It will give you an alert about the latest current news and events and then you’re on top of the information as soon as an event is happening. You can always enjoy the updated news stream according to the frequency you would like to receive them. You can select how often you want to receive the alert plus you can customize your search and make sure to change the result type into “news” or “blog news”. Take note that your news feeds are not only limited to the current events but may be on entertainment, music, celebrities and politics as well.

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