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3 Hidden Parameters for an Effective Mobile App Design

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You have wonderful apps to offer, a set business strategy in place, and your marketing campaigns ready to pierce through the audience.

So is it all? Have you figured out what it takes to taste the success lying behind any app? Well, it is not as simple as it looks. Only a few apps shine while others fade away in the brightness of some handful of apps. These apps get successful because they are more concerned with user needs rather than showing up a glossy shining personality.

A great mobile app design is what completes the entire circle. How? Think about this. A visitor lands on your app homepage. Would he/she trust your brand and offerings right away? Your app layout will represent information in a way targeted towards building trust in user minds.

If your homepage shows necessary information; has multimedia content in proportion; represents relevant company information; provides a user-friendly interface to navigate app with ease, and most importantly usability; then users have no reason to bounce back.

Focus on providing an experience rather than decorating the interface.

3 Hidden Parameters for an Effective Mobile App Design

You might think that a little bit of content, a few pictures here and there, and an organized structure will do the trick. However, it is not true. If that had been the case then most apps in Application Store would have been able to grab user attention, with an increasing number of downloads.

In reality, mobile apps design is more than delivering aesthetic interfaces. It is all about delivering memorable experiences that actually make the difference. They are not a subject of visibility, but something to be felt, letting users have a feel-good factor when they arrive on your apps. How to tweak the user controls for making them more useful and relevant in the eyes of users? Let us find out.

#1. Do not club things and make things overwhelming

When everything incorporated hastily, there is a high probability of elements as well as components overlapping one another. Everything looks so clumsy that people are not even interested to know what the app is. Such an app does not convey propositions in a systematic manner, leading to increased user dissatisfaction.

An effective app design refers to seamless integration of relevant things or features incorporated, so that it can build client trust. Appropriate use of graphics, color, typography, multimedia, alignment, coupled with useful informative content, will deliver your message in a powerful manner to the audience, and entice them to search for more.

#2. Let your app communicate with users independently

When visitors arrive on your app to have a glance, they would wish the app to be 100% authenticate with safe and secured information. In addition, beyond looks and performance, they will try to gauge how trustworthy the app is. Once they do, your app should have the ability to speak for itself. Put yourself in end user shoes and think.

Visitors always expect engaging experiences from an app. They want things to be smooth with everything present in front of their eyes. Every button or call to action should interact in a way, not requiring help users to go through the pain of understanding things. Engaging content and call to actions should be interactive enough telling users to do things in a certain flow.

Whether subscribe now, sign up, login, create a new account, buy now, or similar hundreds of calls to actions, it should be clear what they want from users. Let your app have contemporary functionalities such as responsive design, parallax scrolling, and more. Social channels such integrated that your app initiates conversations and discussions all over the place.

#3. Have an emotional connect with audience

A mobile app does not need extensive content or graphics to impress the audience. Limited content having creativity mingled with relevancy and aesthetic components will do the job. This, in turn, helps users to connect with the app on emotional levels. Incorporating elements like real life photos, events, team stuff, employee appreciation, and more makes the app believable and intriguing. Try to incorporate things that will not just attract but let users feel contented while using it.

A feeling of treating the app as their own let users say good things about the app through word of mouth, leading to increased app credibility. Fill app real estate in such a way that a visitor can instantly recall your app, once they visited a while ago. A memorable user experience will certainly strike right chords and make the app more adorable than ever.

A few concluding thoughts…

With an increasing craze of mobile apps among global users, it is not surprising to see app design gaining even more prominence than web design. Because of limitations in screen sizes and different resolutions that a user experiences on distinctive mobile handsets, it is challenging to have an effective app design for smartphones. Now you know which factors play a crucial role. They might seem to be unimportant and forgettable. However, neglecting these factors can have you pay a big price in terms of your app unsuccessful in winning hearts.

Most people will tell you different things regarding how to get through your mobile app thematic style. The most common answer that you will hear is your app design should be having exceptional looks. However, when it comes to mobile apps, ease of use and feature rich matters the most irrespective of how basic the app looks. Whatsapp was a simple basic chat app, but its performance in terms of smooth and fast chatting, in addition to video and app calling, backed by a tremendously simple user-friendly interface had made it the No. 1 used app across the globe.

There are so many examples to follow when it comes to exploring extremely simple yet unimaginably effective apps that have created an unbelievable buzz from one user to another. Whenever opting for a mobile app design just remember these three things and your app will go places: give minimal visual experience that is both creative and relevant, have app components and elements interacting users with great ease, and connect with users on emotional levels.

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