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UI And UX Design A Must Have For App Development Companies

In today’s world, everyone is using acronyms, the tech world is one of the biggest users of all. Does anyone clearly understand the difference between UI and UX design? Many people outside of the actual IT development world just might. No one wants to think of themselves as not being on top of their game when it comes to urban abbreviations. Just the same, let’s take a closer look.

In the market today, many individuals and companies are looking to promote app design services. It is understandable, as every stratum of business and personal life these days revolve around one app or another. So, just how does the UI and UX designer fit into the scheme of things?

First off, it is important to point out that these are not really new design categories, they have both been around for decades. Yet most of us are confused about exactly what each of these designers really does every day on the job.

Both the User Interface designer and User Experience designer have fascinating roles to play that, although they may seem similar on the surface, are in actuality quite different.

Let’s start with a solid description of a User Interface designer, they are uniquely responsible for the transference of a product’s development. That being said, it means that they take the research and content and lay it out into an attractive, well guided and responsive experience for the end user. Probably one of the most important points to make is that it is a completely digital design field, unlike UX.

The User Experience designer looks at the process from the perspective of the end user. In the case of app development companies the end user is of course a human being. The roles of the UI and UX designer are quite different parts of the design process field. The user experience designer takes the first steps in the process being both the extremely analytical and ultimately the technical end of the design path.

Therefore, anyone wanting to enter the world of app design services, must have a sound user experience designer on their team. The very first thing to clear up is that even though the user experience designer is extremely analytical they are not market researchers.

Probably the best way to help anyone to improve their understanding of what a User Experience designer actually does is to list the parts of the process that they actually take care of.

First off they play a dynamic role in strategy and content.

• Content development for the app

• Competitor analysis, if there is anything similar already out in the market place

• Product structure and product strategy

• Customer analysis, what is it that they like and do not like about what is in the market place

Next, wire-framing is the next phase then prototyping

• Development and Planning

• Wire-framing

• Prototyping

• Testing and Refinement

Then, Execution and Analysis

• Analysis and Iteration

• Tracking Goals

• Coordinate with Developers

• Coordinate with UI Designers

In conclusion, when looking to hire an app designer, the user experience designer is part of the design process, yet also encompasses market research strategy and takes part as a secondary project manager, tying all of the parts together. The end game for the user experience designer is to connect the business goals with the user’s needs by a process of testing and detailed refinement. To provide a complete picture, next we will consider the user interface designer.

As was already mentioned, the user interface designer remains completely within the digital arena. Often when looking at a job posting for this position, the details will seem exactly the same as a graphic designer. A business looking to focus on app design services will need to understand what actually makes this unique career path?

Let’s take a look at the specific tasks required of a User Interface designer.

First off, they play the key role in the look and feel of the app.

• Development of user guides and story lines

• Solid design research

• Customer Analysis

• Branding and Graphic development

Next, they perform the vital role of providing responsiveness and interactivity for the app.

• Interactivity and Animation

• UI Prototyping

• Implementation with Developer

• Adaptation of all device screen sizes

In conclusion, when looking to hire an app designer, the user interface designer is a digital and interactive designer and their role is vital to the success of any digital interface. In the end they provide the digital presences that the customer will come to trust and depend on. The brand’s overall strength will be closely tied to the work of the UI designer.

Some may ask is one type of designer more important than the other? In other words, does a new company really need to have both on their team? The answer is a resounding yes, a growing business model requires both of these very specific skill sets. How profitable would an application be if it looks great to the eye and draws in users, yet is ultimately challenging to actually use. On the other hand how good really, is a streamlined, efficient app that looks bad and does not attract followers?

In the end they are both vital to the overall development process. Everywhere you look people are demanding flexibility both online and off. It does not take much to see that the future of any business virtual or brick and mortar is tied to the use of easier and easier interfaces. This makes having a skilled and experienced UI design professional a top list consideration.

In addition, a sleek looking application must have a solid foundation. Therefore, the skilled and experienced UX design professional is as vital and an additional top list consideration. It has been estimated that over 1000 new IT companies enter the market every quarter.

Making the concept of competitive edge as important as it ever has been. The UI design and UX design acronyms are surely here to stay. Thinking about hitting the sweet spot of profitability within the IT industry. Take a very close look at what the strengths and weaknesses are of any existing team and open the door for possible expansion. Often times within app development companies, new talent can be sorely overlooked. They know that their key focus is on app design services, yet they may fall short when it comes to HR and putting together the most innovative and dynamic team possible.

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