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How To Survive In The Highly Competitive App Development World

App development is a very competitive industry and due to the numerous benefits of mobile apps, more mobile app developers are emerging every day to cash in on the rising demand for mobile apps. This is making it very difficult for new app developers to survive.

If you are an aspiring app developer or a new one that is finding it very difficult to survive, here are a few survival strategies for you. By following all the tips to the letter, it should not be difficult for you to become established.

Getting clients will be your first hurdle. This is a big challenge because it is a catch22 situation. Prospective clients will turn you down once they know that you are new. Everybody prefers experienced developers but nobody will allow you use his or her job to gain the required experience.

On the other hand, it is ethically wrong and highly unprofessional to inflate your years of experience. In fact, some prospective customers will even ask for a documentary evidence of your years of experience. It can be embarrassing when it becomes obvious that you are lying.

There are two options to get over the dilemma. The first option is to work for an app development company where you can gain enough experience within a few years and then you can pull out and be on your own. If you are lucky enough, you could become a partner in the company.

The second option is to enter into a certain agreement with your prospective client. Give them an offer they can’t resist. Apart from giving them lower charges, give them the option of paying only after their mobile app is ready and they like it. A lot of customers will prefer the condition. That way, they will be ready to give you a chance.

Presentation and Communication

Great presentation and communication skills can take you far in this business. So, you should work on both of them. Being able to explain to your clients in simple terms without including unnecessary technical jargons will be just fine. For every feature you want to suggest to them, you need to come down to their level to explain it to their understanding and also include the benefits. This will make clients remain loyal to you. Remember, you are fresh. It is your communication and presentation skill that will get you your first few contracts. Thereafter, your works will speak for you.

Without confidence, you may never be able to communicate well with your clients. Convincing clients requires making eye contact with them. If you don’t have enough confidence, you will never be able to look anybody in the eye. If you don’t talk confidently, clients will take your body language for inexperience and incompetence.

Tackling lack of confidence starts from a deep inward search for any shortcoming that may be hampering your confidence. Remember, everybody has a shortcoming. Whatever it is, you have to work against it. This is not a modeling job where your physical appearance matters a lot. Your clients don’t care how you look. They are only interested in your ability to develop a great mobile app for them. Believe it or not, if any client sees a monkey or a baboon that will develop a great app for him at an affordable cost, he won’t hesitate before hiring the monkey. So why should a human being like you lack confidence? Exuding a high level of confidence makes you look like an authority in your field.

Get Certifications

Acquire as many certifications as you can. This will boost your chances of getting contracts and your chances of being employed by an app developing company. Having several relevant certifications can even make up for lack of experience. If they have to choose between a certified but not experienced app developer and an experienced but not certified app developer, over 50 percent of managers will go for the former.

Have an Office

Look for a physical office. If you can’t afford to rent an office, you can manage with a friend or let your home double as your office. Smart clients usually like to confirm the physical address of an app developer before making any financial commitment. This gives them certain assurance that you won’t disappear with their money. Always include your office address in your website and complementary card. Never make the mistake of putting a fictitious address on your complementary card. It will portray you as lacking honesty and integrity. Remember, personal characters supersede skills in every field.

Blogging is a Must

Blogging can also help you showcase your app development skills. You can write a weekly blog about different topics related to app development. You can write on topics that will accentuate your in-depth knowledge in mobile app development. After that, you can begin to join different online forums on app development. You contribute regularly by proffering solutions to different challenges brought to the forums by clients and fellow mobile app developers. In your response, find a way to include your blog address for more information. The idea is to make prospective clients see you as an authority. Once this is done, you will begin to get contracts one after the other.

Be Quick About It

Apart from offering lower charges, you should also outwit your competitors with speed too. You should strive to finish your apps faster than the average time it takes to finish an app. This implies that you must first find out the average time it takes to build each kind of app. Then you should finish yours in less time. This will give you an advantage over others

Free Consultations

Offer free consultation. To a developer, everybody should fall into two major categories – they are either your clients or they are your prospective clients. So, your door should be open to anybody who wants to consult you on your field. You don’t have to see the consultation as a free service, rather, it is an opportunity for you to sell your services to your guests.

Learn Everything

App development is linked to other services. It is better you learn other related skills. There is nothing wrong with being a search engine optimization specialist. Don’t you prefer to buy your products from a one-stop shop rather than buy each of them from different shops? That is the same way client wants a versatile developer that has other skills. Besides, it will cost them less to hire only one specialist for all their services.

Maintenance of a mobile app requires continuity so some prospective clients will want to know how established you are in your field. They want to be sure you will still be available after 6 months or one year. The challenge here is that they may not ask a direct question. So, you have to be mindful for such questions. Present yourself as someone who is not likely to change your career or relocate for any reason.

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